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lets ALL work together to save what remains during and after the fall…
aloha and blessings to all life that it may come to terms with reality, true justice and peace
herzlich grüsse
aRLeon der letzte Souverän           12 july 5777

In upholding Western Civ. why doesn’t trump protect the rights of Russians then also

TRUMP MUST END HIS HYPOCRISIES IMMEDIATELY OR WWIII GOES HOTameriKa wound up hITLER and let him go to destroy Russia
and then complains of communist Russian retaliation against its extinction

Russia is a new creature now after its death of bolshevism
which many understand as a secret jewish war against ethnic Russian and ANY another ppl in the way of aschkeNAZISM
Ukraine was attacked by aschkeNAZISM before the Nazis ever came to power

The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р) was a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932 and 1933 that killed an officially estimated 7 million to 10 million people[11]. It was part of the wider Soviet famine of 1932–33, which affected the major grain-producing areas of the country.

Soviet genocide of Poles (1937-45)

gas from russia is very inexpensive after all
american liquid natural gas is extremely expensive

Putin wasn’t born yet
but trump gets the old money from all those violations by ameriKan and European banking

aRLeon der Souverän 775777

trump becomes fake news and lies to Poland for ameriKan hegemony

Russian allies
Syria attack no one, today
Iran attacked no one, today
China attacks no one, todayus allies
israel genocides Palestinians and israeli (in 1950’s-60’s 100,000 approx. Sephardic Jewish children radiated into ill health and death -Ringworm Affair) persecutes non-ashkenazi Jews, apartheid racist state against indigenous Palestinians with far more genetic and cultural history from ancient Israel where came Yahshua
saudi arabia is in process of exterminating Yemen with us weapons
turkey is isis!?
Jordan training base for ameriKan mercenaries and proxy mercenaries
S.Korea/N.Korea ameriKan infrastructure in both countries to cause continued Korean civil war, and a need for new world order to control threats by rouge nuclear states
eu nations making suicide by ameriKan direction via NATO and the refugee flow created by invitation of soros and amerKel
Ukraine Kiev-junta works actively to genocide eastern Ukrainians, threatens war on Russia over Crimean choice to return to Russian Statehood
…countries Russia and allies destroyed

countries us and allies attacked and destroyed

macron announces his doom by islam by likening himself to a God over all gods

this means he puts himself over all gods and humans.

this is not acceptable by most and may cause his assassination by cannibalism as the pagan tendencies in most religions will require that he be completely conquered and consumed especially in his own religion of Jupiter not far away except in language from satanism

and eating your enemy is the finale to prove one is nothing but a false god and a bad tasting human like schwein.


aRLeon der Souverän 6 july 5777

is bil gATES warning elite he is releasing a mosquito born disease to kills 10 million people

research for yourself about ‘The gATES Statements’ and actions that follow to the gates of A.I., hell and extinction.


and by the way

it’s already happened




der letzte Souverän 1july5777



hell with resignation or impeachment … russia!! blah blah


these bastards and bitches are playing shotgun cover for our ends on every base



and hold them under for treason via NDAA;2012:sectD;1021-1031

they can have Habeau Corpus, but bail can’t be granted due to flight risk and they must be held incumanicato permitting only comtact to their court appointed attorney, their assets seized and frozen to halt their engaged actions.

thze crimes are public knowledge and secret/classified crimes should be released and made public knowledge and domain.

these will make america great like its never been before and cause Human Soverignty.

CNN Fake-News for ratings = plausible-deniability for Op.-Mockingbird to propagandize Deep-State’s moves into WWIII

These bastards and bitches are being payed, bribed and threatened depending on their degree of acquiescence.


Now if you are Udo Ulfkotte you might have to die for creating the term Lügenpresse

but you wouldn’t be alone as the 8 Russian ambassadors, diplomats and people close to Putin dying with the trumpeting of Trump mostly by violence when you were a Russian

and the Deutsch by subversion by cia heart attack help?!?!?!? and as well Churkin!!!(.)


der letzte Souverän








TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE 2nd updated+edited+post script

to: VLADIMIR PUTIN and the Russian Federation
updated 12.16.2016 An:, Von: Robert Wallerstein.
Hello my Russian friends,
How are you-all? I would like to come in from the cold and have a friendly chat about what im doing about my government openly threatening my safety and existence with the NDAA-2012:sect.D(1021-1031).
I wish to meet with a Diplomatic Envoy who can speak directly to Vladimir Putin, if possible i would like to speak directly with Vladimir Putin myself.
I wish for a special deal so that i can;
Co-create the World Embassy, I have designed and virtually run on the Internet, into actual material reality with Putin’s guidance and support to help avert and or limit WW3 and Armageddon and co-create a peaceful livable world for all children, their families and friends, and every-other living being and thing that wishes to cooperate by being its innocent nature or wishing to return to innocence as a stepping stone to end conflict and war and just finally live beyond just surviving and threats of extinction.
The Sustainable Human Relocation Org. to create land-trust communities on the newly resurrected sub-nations and states and should run in conjunction with the World Embassy as problems need solutions.
Open the School of Sovereignty as the Dean of Studies to disseminate out the ideals of Sovereignty to the Russian and World’s people.
Open and run a sailboat school for single handed sailing instruction for people at risk.
Have access to land to build a home and have control over the surrounding land to create temporary and or permanent sustainable communities for the growing season, and be allowed to furthermore own my own land with a permanent visa that can be transformed into a dual Russian citizenship upon my necessary learning of Russian language, culture and history to be a good Russian/American citizen.
Allow and supporting my social/medical recovery from living nearly as a refugee for more than 27 years, receive medical attention, i have a serious spinal problem caused by hyperactivity medication I took against my knowledge and will from age 7-13, the drug Pemoline or Cylert is no longer for sale as it kills by liver failure many children, as well as cause a myriad of health problems including bone abnormalities on the spine, as is my medical condition 100%. I could not have my Social Security Disability benefits because the U.S.government would not admit I had such a problem because my Doctor had traced it to toxic drugs the FDA made available for my unnecessary therapy and consumption, where the SSA was allowed to make a judgement and ruling in obvious conflict of interest to their benefit and my demise, since the SSA and the FDA are both entities of the same U.S.Federal Government. I was denied my benefits i qualified for with my 7 compressed disks and 2 herniated disks because of the my legal choice of medication that the SSA claimed was causing me to imagine my documented medical condition and that the funds from my qualified for benefits would sustain and or exacerbate my imagination about my condition that i was treating without any serious pharmaceutical side-effects or symptoms.
I wish to have legal assistance to file a law-suite against the US government’s; Social Security Administration and the Federal Drug Agency for conspiracy, genocide/ethnic cleansing, malpractice, and medical/social neglect in violation of the Social Security Act and the US constitution. I also believe I was an unknowing and unwilling participant of the secretive and underground operation M-K-ULTRA.
Now I’m living in Deutschland for more than 8 years with a special visa that allows me to reside in DE. with my self standing skills of making flutes, jewelry, ancient fishing-hooks and producing my Beautiful-Bloodless-Revolution-Journal into an actual material publication or magazine and translate it to all languages hopefully and export it freely to all places, so i search for serious support of the most serious nation who wants Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.
Unfortunately I see my assassination in the near future when i am not taken seriously and taken-in to safe surrounding where my basic human rights will be protected and preserved. Currently my life is nearly impossible and i depend on friends and strangers for their Mercy so that I can come in from a world of hard discrimination and Nazi-Social-Mobbing I exist in due to the fact I can’t apply for any aid as im supposed to be a complete business-unit and not in need of anything that human rights bring to people in their land as the Deutsche has and the European ere in Deutschland, as well as being from the peaceful nation that is called the United Stated, that is infact the world leader in export and import of Terrorism, Eugenics (Drugs, toxins, GMOs), Genocide, War unlimited with torture and RAPE programs with admitted absolution of their prisoners most basic human rights, as well as the admission of aiding and abetting the terror organizations of the Deutsche National Socialist Party (Nazis), Mujaheddin (MEK), Al-Queda(al-CIAda), IS (ISIL, ISIS, Daesh) and the CIA, and furthermore controlling and insuring the fulfillment of their documented illegal War-Crime plans by completely rigging the Financial Markets worldwide.
I can not return home to California as the standing threat from the Dictator oBAMA to throw me away into a unknown hole forever! Here I will include below the principle writings I have authored that are running free and wild currently on the Internet and are the reasons for my necessary protection, now currently since the Neo-Keiv reality, we all live in, there is a Nazi uprising occurring politically and socially, and with austerity measures dealt out by EU nations is a direct lead up into once again concentration camps and or Mad-Max days wholesale as in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine and is spreading far and wide due to what American and Europeans funds truly pay for, war unlimited. And now enveloping Europe into the Libya-IS and Syrian-IS/Turkish War with the migrant crisis, IS terror crisis, and the failure of Deutsche Bank…
Please see that Vladimir Putin also reads this letter, and as I’m sure eventually ever Russian wishes and needs to understand what I understand, so also with my insertion into Russian life will be my School of Sovereignty that will teach and disseminate out the truth of Independence and Sovereignty and what anyone who believes in the future must understand, or for lack of wisdom and solidarity you may need to have a nasal feeding tube forcible inserted to end your Hunger-Strike against the Sadistic method they keep you incarcerated the rest of your nights, as no light is permitted in the dungeon of death that has become the American dream into a nightmare.
So please cooperate in our monumental struggle against genocide, just as Russia must find a way to make the Great Light to end all the argument and differentiation that leave some with none and the rest with less, i also must find this light.
Please let us negotiate a deal for me to come home, in from the cold, to Mother Russia, i promise to give my all as I always do.
Robert L Wallerstein III 9172014 please respond edited 2/8/2016, 2nd editing 12/16/2016
PS 1) Blessing to those suffering from WWII and world-wide eugenics programs…
As it appears US military intelligence is involved in the terror attack on the Russian civilian airliner in Sinai, please let us have the most peaceful resolve if at all possible. rlwIII 11/7/ 2015
PS 2)I don’t wish ever to make asylum in my life, and that is not my plan. rlwIII 12/16/2016 Deutschland
ALOHA, love Robi the beast slayer, Nastrovia !!!

WORLD EMBASSY offer of Amnesty to world-wide conspirators and war criminals: ultimate Dictator oBAMA-Bildeberg conspiracy revealed and intellectual-WAR! declared against them

ultimate Dictator oBAMA-bildeberg conspiracy reveled and intellectual-WAR! declared against them, With google announcing drones to bring us internet everywhere, a DARPA ‘AI’ neural chip ready for drones waits  ready , zuckerburg becoming the intellectual censor of USk and AmerKel’s Deutschland and then the world???, police in usK planning to mount deadly weapons to drones, etc…

This is by the implementation of world-wide spring uprisings started by soros funding silk revolutions, 911 wars, Kennedy assassinations = world-wide dissemination of nuclear weapons and the Wiki-Leaks made by Dictator oBAMA’s induced release by the seething Bradley Manning.and let us not forget the Bush families role for over 100 years initiated with the beginning of a world-wide globalist takeover with the implementation of the private Federal Reserve and fractional banking that by American-Nazi-CIA backed force has infiltrated the whole world economy.

Now with the Boogie-Man pointing dictator, barry sotero aka BAMA, in place and in power , the greater killing has begun on a human population of  nearly 90% world-wide that are quickly becoming the controlled opposition.

opposition to what?

the slave agreements Dictator oBAMA has signed with his left as would Adolf Hitler if he could.

GMO’s, Monsanto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zika = mandatory vaccinations with Nagalase Enzyme conspiracy causing cancer, autism, etc??? and a mandatory vaccination system demanded by the governments and scientists that made it??? no more free breeding humans??? total control of human reproduction!!! already in south Americas the breeding is at almost none with the announcement of babies with retarded small brains being the result of infected pregnancies! multiple Florida vaccine research doctors assassinated !!!!! drug co. that produced cure GCMAF shutdown in Europe after doctors deaths!!!!

breeding of natural humans is now being made obsolete and or illegal??? by the proxy armies of der führer oBAMA, ameriKan government and globalists, example1-b.gates and Gatres Foundation, why isn’t he jailed???

could their possibly be NO presidential election! with ww3 unraveling and the clinton’s needing to do jail time.

so, now its Russia’s move where the EU stands with its hands in the cookie jar as it makes laws to protect the ISIS insurgency that has been set upon European nations and people by der führer oBAMA and his minions and masters at CIA ,Bildeberg, Tri-Lateral Commission and CFR, NATO, EU, etc… these are the nazi’s??? and their collaborators? the illegal masters of our world!!!

>Trump and Putin must stay alive to launch the real witch hunt of these fore mentioned bastards and bitches world-wide and send them to the green prisons where they can build their homes, grow their own food, and as community service be sent to pick and eradicate GMO plants that they by their own powers released upon humanity . Then when that work is completed they may be permitted again back into human society but oily thru the internet, i offer these most heinous criminals far better living conditions than does Norway give to Andreas Brevik. Their families will be able to live with them and assist in their work programs.

rlwallersteinIII 352016 619AM Earth

PS !!!! and Trump, get some  manners like good ole Vladimir and then u can save ameriKa and the world from pompous rich assholes that run our world into a ditch!!!

illuminadi waiting for hell to freeze over and their making it happen!?!?!?

but there before us and scaufed at by europeans is the Giza Pyramid Complex where I predict and plan for a large in content museum or technical and literary library to be discovered.

the stone conceals all mysteries of time and space relevant for sure.

for they are the sentinels of the great repository of knowledge that must have been stored in the halls of Giza open access library, where must have been all knowledge, thought and culture of the ancient Atlantians where we come from.

so within and and waiting to be unlocked is what lies within inscribed in stone and predictably and practically undetectable except by the outspoken.

its sensible at the very location of such a great library is also a copy of that same library that can stand the vacuum of space and time and still be vaulted intact, whats encoded in the massive mega-terrabite storage of the Krystal Skulls etc… that’s in our possession already, our’s meaning humanity’s.

the Pyramids must be protected from destruction and or theft by the no truth cult of illuminadi and their band of relic destroying marauders, the prodigy of nIMROD, who by their plan to kill G-D and humanity necessitate destroying and or stealing G-D’s gift and gifts to Humankind


rlwallersteinIII 100677

ultra-secret Bilderberg agenda: SOVEREIGNTY 2.o by Washington and Wallerstein

The most subversive and secretive talk behind the back of Lord Rothchild and his technocratic soldiers is the resurrection and re-securing of the world out of the hands of fascistic Oligarchs, who will with their desire for absolute power = absolute corruption, destroy any hope of a livable future. They are so fearful of this that the overlord security is searching for Nuclear explosive devices, as well being the largest Deutsche policei action since der Alten Zeit of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. All this is out of the fear, and with good cause of the world.wide riots causing a end of building any sort of Elysium and cause the most wealthy and rich of the world to retreat into living in hollowed out earth till a system can be devised to move them off-world safely to a place that could??? sustain life as required, that as i understand now thru scientific knowledge we don’t quite know where that is yet or how to get their safely, and that our nice green watery rock we live on will be made uninhabitable with the now unleashing World War III to dominate and cull of the majority of the worlds population and specific genotypes completely eradicated.

ur protagonist

It takes only one person to save the world,But it takes a collective to destroy it………………aRLeon the Sovereign wallerstein III 682015

can Deep State/dICTATORoBAMA-CIA hack the U.S.Armed Forces

It’s already happened and Trump is assuming the burden already,

but, in the future the cost of this false flag Trump now wears like a BAR-MITZVAH_tallis/prayer_shawl will be irrevocable!

Trump truly is married to the False-Hebrews and is and will continue to do their wicked will.

So when the U.S.Military does the contrary to Trump-MORALITY like friendly fire and bombing itself and or its proxy armies and hospitals and civilians…

and nuking North Korea, most humans will believe Trump did it and he will have to let it be so since his handlers tell him “It can go which(witch)-ever way the Deep State pleases, so, don’t_lose_your_head_mr.President”,

and of course national security and secrecy must never be acquiesced.

rlwallersteinIII june one 5777

DONATIONS now accepted and needed, please help, Danke Schön

please send your donations to this bank account located in Deutschland

IBAN: DE87 1001 0010 0013 5396 78


if you would like to donate from outside of europe and u prefer not paying a wiring-tax, contact me about a temporary use of bitcoin or some other transferable currency thats not or less taxed.


thank you

robert l wallerstein III, World Ambassador, Deutschland,  may 15, 17

P.S. the more money i receive the more i can do all the way to buying land and setting the SHR-thing land-trusts up under the World Embassy, where immediately any lands acquired will be planned with the authority of the true sovereigns of the region(s) whenever politically possible.

As well these funds will go towards my disability fund required for my frankenspine and healthcare it and incidentally the rest of my person require for basic existence.

i have 7 compressed disks 2 herniated disks + 1 unknown apparently herniated thoracic disk.

USA wont give me my Social Security Disability i qualify for because of my choice of legal medicine they illegalize because they can then make so much money of controlling and hurting innocent people who yearn to be free.

“FRANKENSPINE” cavities,bone-spurs & herniated discs on my spine caused by ADHD(amphetamine-cylert) drugging against my knowledge and will as a child 7-13

Nostrovia Liberty BBQ parties in demarcation border zones to ease troop tensions

it is highly recommend for humanity that soldiers volunteer from both sides of Russian border on all fronts,

these brave men and women coming to make open speak easy BBQ parties have nothing to loose and could be our best realization that war is unnecessary.

For if the fighting starts in their front line areas they will be smote ASAP anyway

Putin and Trump can authorize this in both the BRICS and NATO&IMF blocks

happy summer,life and parties.

Aloha and Nostrovia

robi, may 20, 2017

i will also come to any location im requested and serve ROHKOST (raw vegis)

The Kamut Song

Till Babylon falls

I will stand no matter the burden

I shall be true that is all

to you MaYa I shall fall

and to no other shall I hear their call

we have to open our eyes and see the day

how can I say it more metaphorically

the day is today I have no way to sway

the post that I am shall stand for all to see

from sea to sea to crops feathery tops

all the way to the golden mountain tops

and the message shall be a planted seed

to sprout and reseed till the end of eternity.


spring 2007


let my life be a protest against the false Hebrews and their Babylonian ways, gods and planned destruction of Earth for the Nephelium (edomites)

To the People of Earth,

The World Embassy officially condemns Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza, and calls on the World to intervene. What that may entail depends on the responses and reactions of Israel and her political body and whether or not they abruptly completely end their siege on Gaza and Palestine and allow in humanitarian relief. Furthermore Israel must allow other Nations and Organizations to come into Gaza and Palestine via Israel with such relief as necessary, and that the border opening on Gaza and Palestine be permanently opened so that Palestine proper can run its own side of its border with Israel and have normally operating seaports and airports where they can come and go freely and receive foreign nationals and shipments at their own power and will, as well as have the freewill power to come and go from their state in Gaza to their state in the West Bank,  as well pass through Israel on their way to and from all places, as is the custom in all peaceful nations that conduct normal peacetime business with their neighbouring nations, naturally serious criminals as is Bibi Netanyahu can not just come and go as they please and must go through much bureaucracy to travel if it is even ever legal at all, so the same would be for serious criminals with convictions in a fair court would also not be allowed passage through other nations at that nations demand.

Also an immediate removal of all walls and barriers that make Israel an Apartheid State over Palestine,and an extension of Israeli citizenship and rights to all Palestinians as dual Israeli and Palestinian citizens and therefore receive the benefits of being occupied and having lost the majority of their land to Israeli Settler Jews requiring due compensation and restitution from Israel including the relocation to and or the replacement of their homes, villages, farms, and Nation with adequate resources that it is possible to create and have Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The further need to bring those to justice that are responsible for these latest hostilities that surmounted into the current conflict which is to be known as the “Gaza Holocaust of 2014″ and shall be set forth from here onward with the worldwide formation of a Grand Jury that will adequately be able without due prejudice to find justice and set forth the World as Court Bailiff to fulfil the sentencing and necessary punishment required to constrain , arrest and or eliminate the current Israeli political body that empowers  and causes the IDF to practice and commit War Crimes of genocide on Palestine while clearly stating one of its goals is to is kill all Palestinian Mothers, who as a IDF spokeswoman claims bare as their offspring terrorists that are Palestinian children.

In full knowledge of the actuality that this and other’s supporting and equally weighted statements may result in a full force military regime change against Israel, is not my responsibility, but that of Netanyahu and his Government, and the citizens and Jews of the Nation of Israel, the World Embassy takes no responsibility for how the world reads, interprets, responds, and reacts to this call for legal punitive action against Israel, again that is only in the hands of the criminal who commits such barbarous criminal acts.

People, Organizations, Nations and States may try to say this statement is politicized as i would naturally agree, but they can not state that i am a self hating Jew or anti-Semitic or that this statement is anti-Semitic or against the Nation of Israel, but rather a chance for Israelis and Jews worldwide to understand the fast approaching problem and reality of Armageddon and avert it.

As i have stated in the past and reiterate now as the official spokesperson and standing Ambassador of the World Embassy:

“I worship my Mother Creation at the Tree of Liberty”.

Here within this Beautiful Bloodless Revolution Journal is a road map to peace that will provide that we all may get along and grow as required as humans on Earth and in a vast Cosmos of knowns and unknowns.


Robert L Wallerstein III, World Ambassador, the Fourth of August TwoThousandFourteen

Nepotism to the max: THE CALIPHATE OF ISRAEL

NONE OF US AMERICANS VOTED FOR IVANKA TRUMP KUSHNER OR HER 666-RFID loving husband Jared who own and heads Lucent Technologies that is disseminating out the implanted Beast-RFID-bio/chip-metric device.

“but Daddy if we cant do it we cant stop them from killing the Jews, and Daddy that’s me and our family”, Ivanka’s words i imagine.

LUGENPRESS ALERT. Former Colonel Claims Putin Is Planting ‘Mole Nukes’ to Hit US Coasts with Tsunami

recent revelations from Russian mockingbird claiming Russia has set nukes
on the eastern seaboard to cause tsunamis on east coast of America
probably is a false flag warning and operation being conducted by
ameriKan/CIA operatives and their international agents

reprint: NATO’s war on Ukrainian people

The USA and NATO including Germany are now using the Ukrainian people as canon fodder in their quest to attack Moscow with thermonuclear weapons.
the Ukrainian people are currently in the process of dispersing the NATO gift that keeps giving, DU weapons, that all the Ukrainian Army are using and will die from cancer in high numbers, this is what happens when one breathes DU armament firing fumes and dust.
so the east is being dusted with DU and the western Neo-Nazis are dong the dusting,
live by the sword die by the sword.
Neo-Nazis of Ukraine save yourselves and demand a true peace of Kiev.
Ukrainians rise up and end the salting of your land and people. boycott EU, NATO, USA, ISRAEL/IS, UK of ARABIA
working with Russia means your grandma and grandpa can exist and you and then your children if they ever can exist wont have to die in a war against Russia that will never end till all is destroyed forever… as England again tries to take Crimea and then Moscow through their latest proxy armies.
rlwIII 11282014

DARPA (skynet from Terminator movie) is controlled by Dictator b Hussein obama (whats his real name?)

yeswecanwhen the drones are released world wide they(the people who run agenda 21 at the UN, NATO, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, World Monetary Fund, USA, UK, EU, etc…)  already have plausible deny-ability (software failure) built into their system of termination via (artificial intelligence) A.I.drone warriors and war-ships(vehicles) wiping out almost 13 out of 14 people which is the plan of the Queen of England X 2 since her wonderful vision of holocaust only reduces the population down to about 1 billion being 1 out of every 7 people.

war-statue-of-liberty-350while the Georgia-Guide-Stones call for the population to be culled to 500 million and kept there. that’s 13 out of 14. these people creating this should be put in green prisons or be publicly executed for the kind of holocaust their plans,bankrolled are causing already and will cause in the future, the deaths can already be estimated, if not counted in some regions  and type of deaths. wondering why your friends, family, neighbours and everyone you know is acting weird. we are all beginning to understanding we are going to have to prey on each other for what we need and maybe even for food (human flesh). the founders and installers of the Georgia Guide Stones must be put on trial for inciting a World-Wide-Holocaust, and the Georgia Guide Stones destroyed.

and then they came for me
and then they came for me

with obama and the to be King of England,William, observing the Muslim faith,be not surprised by a world imposition by the new world order (government) of something similar to Sharia law. With all the data gathered by the NSA as the basis of a social/criminal winnowing that is sure to ensue, as always a corrupt body uses what it can to gain more power and influence, while forcing those that it dominates to have less until it can overcome them and steal all their life force whenever possible, as would a ruthless cold hearted beast. so you can see now why obama and his minions have death panels also written into the new USk’s health insurance scam (obamaScare )that will put most Americans on their knees in submission, some for their very well obama signs(with his left-hand) every order to kill someone and other innocents with a drone strike as well as send thousands of

the english-american swastika flag
the english-american swastika flag

us military and opposing militias into death-defying harms way, moreover he controls DARPA and has begun the American Drone Surveillance programs and is making way with the sending about 30,000 drones up into America’s skies to be used against American citizens, furthermore he has allowed (and possibly to his order?) are developing ‘AI'(artificial intelligence) UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) that will possible one day hunt down innocent people this war criminal points his finger at and claims they are the boogie man, that is evil dictatorial power, this is the true forming Armageddon hidden in plain view the whole time beginning with the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia then Afghanistan then Iraq then Libya then Syria and with Fukushima making a death blow on the oceans, all of them!

Now the beginning of the end starts—– Syrian style conflict will breakout in America, 37 Islamic terror training camps are their (inside USk borders) waiting to unleash their fury, obama has been actively moving around nukes in the USk illegally and has fired in the USk militaries everyone that thinks with reason and logic, and is actively persecuting Christians in the USk Military. wake up and make full across the board general strike. their is no option as time will tell when the people wont go against then they will go with as the Germans did under Hitler, as it already is!!!

soon this message and all of my messages to humanity will be censored and unavailable for your viewing pleasure, so please download this material and spread it far and wide.a great slaughter is about to begin, the like has never been visited to our human history except what we know of the flood, but this will be no flood, this will be human against human everywhere, for what? for the very meat that one wears on their bones. it will be Democide, beware the marrow suckers. for truly we already are in a new world technocratic order and the one world government has turned the peoples against themselves and the holocaust of untold proportions has begun already. its in the Vaccines(cancer,heavy metals,viruses,bacterias,autism, polio-Bill Gates India-Africa!!!) its in the Air(chem-trails,Fukushima,dirty-coal burning,nuclear power,oil/plastic burning.etc…) its in the Food (GMOs,pesticides,fungicides,herbicides, chemicals,heavy-metals,toxic/aggression causing-adrenaline and hormones from meat) and of course the Water (1st and foremost Fukushima fallout world-wide especially in the northern hemisphere,chlorine(causes heart-attacks etc)fluoride!!!causes diminished brain activity and ability,toxic agent used by Nazis to brainwash people, heavy-metals, hormones, from recovered waste water being put back in our aquifers and reservoirs,radioactive waste!!!!, our homes,offices, schools, buildings in general are built with formaldehyde and other toxic agents including in concrete often is sludge when you are poor like in Gaza, who thinks up this kind of disease, Nazis!!!! etc…. stupid totalitarian minded control freaks that hate life and their own mother and children no doubt, the disgusting list goes on unfortunately

what a horrible earth we tolerate.

no more!!!!!no more!!!!!! no more!!!!!    aRLeon the Sovereign wallerstein 11/29/13


does Trump = Dictator oBAMA or trump him as the Illuminadi King; INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS & BOYCOTT ON USA & ITS SUPPORT NETWORK !!!

how long, how many, who pays
if not now, then when…
demand accountability, demand justice, demand honor, demand integrity !!!
DEMAND AN END TO CORPORATE FASCISM in the USA and in your own homeland.
Let it be known all over the world it is an international war crime to cooperate and collude with the American government and der Führer UNPres. oBAMA and now, next: Pres.45 D.J.Trump?!, KING Donald??!! international war criminal and his political regime, and with American industry and American banking and stock market industry that performs the tasks that build the military industrial complex of the USA, as well as with international companies and corporations that also aid and abed USA providing infrastructure support and materials.
Their must be a new world body elected by the people of Earth to judge and prosecute these criminals and their crimes past, present and future that are the supporting infrastructure of the U.N. Agenda 21 which is a written road map into the 21 century that is ignoring all these criminal abuses and rather fosters them is therefore illegitimate.
This new world body must have the legitimacy of the worlds people through way of outright imposition over this existing corrupt and illegitimate system which would never allow and will not allow such a rule changing event, yet the laws are all in place regarding the activities of these said criminals, it’s all just a
matter of ending the discriminatory prosecution practices and get to the “Enlightenment”. Do i need to say it in “French”.
GENERAL STRIKE will ferret them out of their rat holes.
Let the brutality of the criminal and crime or crimes be weighed against the brutality of the punishment, let us have Mercy as we have wished for in the duress of crippling democide of being underfoot of the
criminals and their acts, yet let this episode end once and for all and never be repeated again in the future.
No innocent person need be harmed any longer and all can continue as if we just had a bad day and now its over.
Time to fix whats broken, replace what’s missing, invent our future and plan for things flying through space at us, from us, and with us.
all humanity together as one … or none
robert wallerstein 9:35 am 4/1/13, edited 4/14/13
ps: this is no april fools day joke
ps: this is no april fools day joke
rlwallersteinIII revised 42217 for The Trumpeting Time


it will mean their extinction in the northern hemisphere and appears to be the Wests solution to deal with a old problem to create the New World Order.the West have redoubts everywhere in the southern hemisphere
and Russia has none
ok Antarctica is open but as the weather tells is still unlivable on a long term basis.
´This is the plan that’s unfolding apparently
they have already nuked amerika via Fukushima, (mar11,2011 (9.1mag.) seismographs show a nuclear yielded fault fracture)
notice illuminadi number 31111 and 91(1)
notice Flamanville,France Halden,Norway and dirty bomb and thermonuclear threats from Ukraine and NATO.
rlwallersteinIII 41717 

If N.Korea is nuked for resisting and threatening imperial Capitalistism then what about nuclear tipped threats from Europe by Nazi Industrialist heir EU King c.juncker

N.Korea might be able to make good on their threats.

But Europe has tried countless times to Coup and attack America for over 200 years.
The threat by the un-elected EU King c.juncker
-(direct heir to the most successful Nazi Industrialist, is nothing but a post-Nazi Emperor hording ill-gotten wealth via the Holocaust of Europe from the Nazis by building their Luftwaffen)
on California, Austin Tx, and naturally DC is nothing less than a threat to conquer America with a post-Nazi army using post-Nazi tactics and technologies including cyber, space, bio/med/hazard-weapons, infiltration by foreign agents and double agents, market manipulation, and outright warfare via UN and NATO occupations and attacks.
Very soon USA can be at war with NATO and Europe for resisting entering military action against Russia and the ongoing problem of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Turkey and Israel …

LUGENPRESS/Berlin to China:”stop thermonuclear bombing our country, we are under ameriKan occupation”

(G)ermany is occupied by (G)lobalism since 1918; the reason for the federal reserve banks creation by prescot bush(busch)
but all (G)lobalist programs appear to be ameriKan/(G)erman eugenics programs
rlwallerstenIII 41117

deutschland, happy home of bayer and monsanto


To make AmeriKa great again;
ok, yes but it was never great under the white man’s reign unless you count the exceptional conquest, genocide and subjugation of Sovereign People Tribes and Nations.
Actually AmeriKa can never be great under the current illegal ownership (unsoveriegn possession).
And as a initial curse against The AmeriKa she has violated almost every Commandment of the 10 Commandments it says it stands for in Her inception and execution.
So AmeriKa is truly a sadistic manifestation of antichrist in sheep’s clothing. George Washington was great to be the first unKing of Europe and free his comrade slaves.
But as to the tightening and bracing back of the bow of colonization for the full invasion to come, the Native AmeriCans perceived the true threat of the power and how it would build a masonic dynasty of their beloved Turtle Island, it was prophecy.
Now let us lay the newest corner stone for a true justice to spread across the lands so no human is desperate and without the riches their is so much of but because a greedy few turned into too many bastards and bitches stealing away the earths livelihood it wasting it away from the deprived humans who need the matter as the matter needs them to use is properly.
Lets not Nuke our world (more) when we can work with the truth to create justice and true peacefulness spreading across the whole world.
then we can clean up our mess and figure how to go forward as well as possible.
its our last chance i firmly believe.
rlw3 friday april 7, 17 4:20;)







Let it be known I, aRLeon Wallerstein III, declare Intellectual War on Deutschland and Brussels(EU).
It is my right as a Sovereign Human to announce a direct threat to human Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness world-wide and Declare Intellectual War in defense therefore.
My War is a Intellectual War, My War is Humanities War, a Defensive War against those who would encroach upon the very foundations of human freedom to such a degree as to threaten war on nations states and people who simple yearn to be free.
The German Parliament Ministers have just prior to the BREXIT vote said that Germany would declare a economic war on Britain and confiscate its assets currently under Deutsche Banking control extending reciprocally into EU Banking.
That is a threat of War and therefore a ACT of WAR by Deutschalnd and Brussels(EU) against Britain.
the ramification felt in the EU, after the BREXIT was won in favor of the Independence of Britain, are that immediately a edict was given by Brussels(EU) to EU sub-Nations that their governments are now dissolved, their Militias are now disarmed and illegal, and that they must not attempt to vote out of the EU or they will be occupied by European Forces now operated by NATO, but soon to be replaced by a after Brexit order to make a single European Military.
as all of this is against the will and democratic values and voices of  Europeans voting by referendum as in France, Scotland, Greece, Spain and now Britain soon to be invalidated by EU-proxy Scotland???
And now 8 EU sub.Nations wish also to exit out of EU unelected control via Nazisk 1957 signing of Treaty of Rome By American/French/British illegal conspiratorial imposition of Bundestat Republik Deutschland representative, which as a Occupation-Government had no legal authority to sign away the Independence and Sovereignty of Deutschland.
So here i make my stand against a Orwellian 1984esk U.N.-Brave New World Order
please contact Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump upon my disappearance, imprisonment, untimely death or false-suicide, I am not ever attempting suicide!!! I have no life threatening health condition that i currently suffer aside from apartheid.
please research my work and translate it into your local language and spread it far and wide…
here is my consent and authorization for any human or sentient being to reproduce this blog in full or in parts , but not broken down to “one liners” reproduced that could give misrepresentation when removed from other contextual content. These copies and reproductions can be transmitted anywhere in the Cosmos.
Danke Schön, sincerely,
aRLeon Wallerstein III; World Ambassador, Director of Operation Valkyrie II
6282016, Deutschland

Intellectual Partisans World-Wide Sovereignty Center

Dictator obama and his USk government may now consider your act of simply clicking on this site or entering its URL as a act of terrorism and a hostile act to the USk government and its interests, be forewarned if you’ve reached this point its possibly too late if you’ve dialed in on a detectable source, so then please at this point copy and translate these pages into your native language, then send original and translations far and wide in any method and fashion you desire or that you can dream up, as it is one of the ultimate expressions of free-speech and freewill.
The resultant universal seed of thought collaborated here at risk of life liberty and pursuit of happiness is on behalf of all humanity in defense of the same, with universal support it could do the same and support all people into sovereignty and self reliance and protect the Universe from the bad seed humanity is fast becoming.
Thank you for your cooperation saving what’s precious, Freedom.
aRLeon WallersteinIII 05082015