ultra-secret Bilderberg agenda: SOVEREIGNTY 2.o by Washington and Wallerstein

The most subversive and secretive talk behind the back of Lord Rothchild and his technocratic soldiers is the resurrection and re-securing of the world out of the hands of fascistic Oligarchs, who will with their desire for absolute power = absolute corruption, destroy any hope of a livable future. They are so fearful of this that the overlord security is searching for Nuclear explosive devices, as well being the largest Deutsche policei action since der Alten Zeit of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. All this is out of the fear, and with good cause of the world.wide riots causing a end of building any sort of Elysium and cause the most wealthy and rich of the world to retreat into living in hollowed out earth till a system can be devised to move them off-world safely to a place that could??? sustain life as required, that as i understand now thru scientific knowledge we don’t quite know where that is yet or how to get their safely, and that our nice green watery rock we live on will be made uninhabitable with the now unleashing World War III to dominate and cull of the majority of the worlds population and specific genotypes completely eradicated.

ur protagonist

It takes only one person to save the world,But it takes a collective to destroy it………………aRLeon the Sovereign wallerstein III 682015

can Deep State/dICTATORoBAMA-CIA hack the U.S.Armed Forces

It’s already happened and Trump is assuming the burden already,

but, in the future the cost of this false flag Trump now wears like a BAR-MITZVAH_tallis/prayer_shawl will be irrevocable!

Trump truly is married to the False-Hebrews and is and will continue to do their wicked will.

So when the U.S.Military does the contrary to Trump-MORALITY like friendly fire and bombing itself and or its proxy armies and hospitals and civilians…

and nuking North Korea, most humans will believe Trump did it and he will have to let it be so since his handlers tell him “It can go which(witch)-ever way the Deep State pleases, so, don’t_lose_your_head_mr.President”,

and of course national security and secrecy must never be acquiesced.

rlwallersteinIII june one 5777

DONATIONS now accepted and needed, please help, Danke Schön

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thank you

robert l wallerstein III, World Ambassador, Deutschland,  may 15, 17

P.S. the more money i receive the more i can do all the way to buying land and setting the SHR-thing land-trusts up under the World Embassy, where immediately any lands acquired will be planned with the authority of the true sovereigns of the region(s) whenever politically possible.

As well these funds will go towards my disability fund required for my frankenspine and healthcare it and incidentally the rest of my person require for basic existence.

i have 7 compressed disks 2 herniated disks + 1 unknown apparently herniated thoracic disk.

USA wont give me my Social Security Disability i qualify for because of my choice of legal medicine they illegalize because they can then make so much money of controlling and hurting innocent people who yearn to be free.

“FRANKENSPINE” cavities,bone-spurs & herniated discs on my spine caused by ADHD(amphetamine-cylert) drugging against my knowledge and will as a child 7-13

Nostrovia Liberty BBQ parties in demarcation border zones to ease troop tensions

it is highly recommend for humanity that soldiers volunteer from both sides of Russian border on all fronts,

these brave men and women coming to make open speak easy BBQ parties have nothing to loose and could be our best realization that war is unnecessary.

For if the fighting starts in their front line areas they will be smote ASAP anyway

Putin and Trump can authorize this in both the BRICS and NATO&IMF blocks

happy summer,life and parties.

Aloha and Nostrovia

robi, may 20, 2017

i will also come to any location im requested and serve ROHKOST (raw vegis)

The Kamut Song

Till Babylon falls

I will stand no matter the burden

I shall be true that is all

to you MaYa I shall fall

and to no other shall I hear their call

we have to open our eyes and see the day

how can I say it more metaphorically

the day is today I have no way to sway

the post that I am shall stand for all to see

from sea to sea to crops feathery tops

all the way to the golden mountain tops

and the message shall be a planted seed

to sprout and reseed till the end of eternity.


spring 2007


let my life be a protest against the false Hebrews and their Babylonian ways, gods and planned destruction of Earth for the Nephelium (edomites)

To the People of Earth,

The World Embassy officially condemns Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza, and calls on the World to intervene. What that may entail depends on the responses and reactions of Israel and her political body and whether or not they abruptly completely end their siege on Gaza and Palestine and allow in humanitarian relief. Furthermore Israel must allow other Nations and Organizations to come into Gaza and Palestine via Israel with such relief as necessary, and that the border opening on Gaza and Palestine be permanently opened so that Palestine proper can run its own side of its border with Israel and have normally operating seaports and airports where they can come and go freely and receive foreign nationals and shipments at their own power and will, as well as have the freewill power to come and go from their state in Gaza to their state in the West Bank,  as well pass through Israel on their way to and from all places, as is the custom in all peaceful nations that conduct normal peacetime business with their neighbouring nations, naturally serious criminals as is Bibi Netanyahu can not just come and go as they please and must go through much bureaucracy to travel if it is even ever legal at all, so the same would be for serious criminals with convictions in a fair court would also not be allowed passage through other nations at that nations demand.

Also an immediate removal of all walls and barriers that make Israel an Apartheid State over Palestine,and an extension of Israeli citizenship and rights to all Palestinians as dual Israeli and Palestinian citizens and therefore receive the benefits of being occupied and having lost the majority of their land to Israeli Settler Jews requiring due compensation and restitution from Israel including the relocation to and or the replacement of their homes, villages, farms, and Nation with adequate resources that it is possible to create and have Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The further need to bring those to justice that are responsible for these latest hostilities that surmounted into the current conflict which is to be known as the “Gaza Holocaust of 2014″ and shall be set forth from here onward with the worldwide formation of a Grand Jury that will adequately be able without due prejudice to find justice and set forth the World as Court Bailiff to fulfil the sentencing and necessary punishment required to constrain , arrest and or eliminate the current Israeli political body that empowers  and causes the IDF to practice and commit War Crimes of genocide on Palestine while clearly stating one of its goals is to is kill all Palestinian Mothers, who as a IDF spokeswoman claims bare as their offspring terrorists that are Palestinian children.

In full knowledge of the actuality that this and other’s supporting and equally weighted statements may result in a full force military regime change against Israel, is not my responsibility, but that of Netanyahu and his Government, and the citizens and Jews of the Nation of Israel, the World Embassy takes no responsibility for how the world reads, interprets, responds, and reacts to this call for legal punitive action against Israel, again that is only in the hands of the criminal who commits such barbarous criminal acts.

People, Organizations, Nations and States may try to say this statement is politicized as i would naturally agree, but they can not state that i am a self hating Jew or anti-Semitic or that this statement is anti-Semitic or against the Nation of Israel, but rather a chance for Israelis and Jews worldwide to understand the fast approaching problem and reality of Armageddon and avert it.

As i have stated in the past and reiterate now as the official spokesperson and standing Ambassador of the World Embassy:

“I worship my Mother Creation at the Tree of Liberty”.

Here within this Beautiful Bloodless Revolution Journal is a road map to peace that will provide that we all may get along and grow as required as humans on Earth and in a vast Cosmos of knowns and unknowns.


Robert L Wallerstein III, World Ambassador, the Fourth of August TwoThousandFourteen