MARXIST-islamic/ALINSKY-satanic cell/SECRET-CULT is attacking usa from within + The Treaty With Democracy

dem al crazy


nothing to see here – 4th hour über false suicides and unsolved murders  –

The Treaty With Democracy: A Memorial to Howard Zinn

It is necessary to have geniuses craft and write up cooperative forms of governments and then have the proletariat consent to a agreeable form of genius, the reason being is that democracy will insure the best conditions for the majority and by way of “might is right” force exclude others to the degree that they will have to resort to forms of opposition that can inevitably lead to terrorism and all out war.

27th of January Two Thousand Ten


First Amendment;

Therefore it must be a necessary action for a democratic society to preemptively arrest the constitutional, civil and human rights of the minority to ensure that the minority will not inevitably lead themselves into such a contrary position of opposition that the majority would feel threatened with terrorism and all out war.

20th of March Two Thousand Eleven

aRLeon the Sovereign


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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