TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE 2nd updated+edited+post script

to: VLADIMIR PUTIN and the Russian Federation
updated 12.16.2016 An:, Von: Robert Wallerstein.
Hello my Russian friends,
How are you-all? I would like to come in from the cold and have a friendly chat about what im doing about my government openly threatening my safety and existence with the NDAA-2012:sect.D(1021-1031).
I wish to meet with a Diplomatic Envoy who can speak directly to Vladimir Putin, if possible i would like to speak directly with Vladimir Putin myself.
I wish for a special deal so that i can;
Co-create the World Embassy, I have designed and virtually run on the Internet, into actual material reality with Putin’s guidance and support to help avert and or limit WW3 and Armageddon and co-create a peaceful livable world for all children, their families and friends, and every-other living being and thing that wishes to cooperate by being its innocent nature or wishing to return to innocence as a stepping stone to end conflict and war and just finally live beyond just surviving and threats of extinction.
The Sustainable Human Relocation Org. to create land-trust communities on the newly resurrected sub-nations and states and should run in conjunction with the World Embassy as problems need solutions.
Open the School of Sovereignty as the Dean of Studies to disseminate out the ideals of Sovereignty to the Russian and World’s people.
Open and run a sailboat school for single handed sailing instruction for people at risk.
Have access to land to build a home and have control over the surrounding land to create temporary and or permanent sustainable communities for the growing season, and be allowed to furthermore own my own land with a permanent visa that can be transformed into a dual Russian citizenship upon my necessary learning of Russian language, culture and history to be a good Russian/American citizen.
Allow and supporting my social/medical recovery from living nearly as a refugee for more than 27 years, receive medical attention, i have a serious spinal problem caused by hyperactivity medication I took against my knowledge and will from age 7-13, the drug Pemoline or Cylert is no longer for sale as it kills by liver failure many children, as well as cause a myriad of health problems including bone abnormalities on the spine, as is my medical condition 100%. I could not have my Social Security Disability benefits because the U.S.government would not admit I had such a problem because my Doctor had traced it to toxic drugs the FDA made available for my unnecessary therapy and consumption, where the SSA was allowed to make a judgement and ruling in obvious conflict of interest to their benefit and my demise, since the SSA and the FDA are both entities of the same U.S.Federal Government. I was denied my benefits i qualified for with my 7 compressed disks and 2 herniated disks because of the my legal choice of medication that the SSA claimed was causing me to imagine my documented medical condition and that the funds from my qualified for benefits would sustain and or exacerbate my imagination about my condition that i was treating without any serious pharmaceutical side-effects or symptoms.
I wish to have legal assistance to file a law-suite against the US government’s; Social Security Administration and the Federal Drug Agency for conspiracy, genocide/ethnic cleansing, malpractice, and medical/social neglect in violation of the Social Security Act and the US constitution. I also believe I was an unknowing and unwilling participant of the secretive and underground operation M-K-ULTRA.
Now I’m living in Deutschland for more than 8 years with a special visa that allows me to reside in DE. with my self standing skills of making flutes, jewelry, ancient fishing-hooks and producing my Beautiful-Bloodless-Revolution-Journal into an actual material publication or magazine and translate it to all languages hopefully and export it freely to all places, so i search for serious support of the most serious nation who wants Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all.
Unfortunately I see my assassination in the near future when i am not taken seriously and taken-in to safe surrounding where my basic human rights will be protected and preserved. Currently my life is nearly impossible and i depend on friends and strangers for their Mercy so that I can come in from a world of hard discrimination and Nazi-Social-Mobbing I exist in due to the fact I can’t apply for any aid as im supposed to be a complete business-unit and not in need of anything that human rights bring to people in their land as the Deutsche has and the European ere in Deutschland, as well as being from the peaceful nation that is called the United Stated, that is infact the world leader in export and import of Terrorism, Eugenics (Drugs, toxins, GMOs), Genocide, War unlimited with torture and RAPE programs with admitted absolution of their prisoners most basic human rights, as well as the admission of aiding and abetting the terror organizations of the Deutsche National Socialist Party (Nazis), Mujaheddin (MEK), Al-Queda(al-CIAda), IS (ISIL, ISIS, Daesh) and the CIA, and furthermore controlling and insuring the fulfillment of their documented illegal War-Crime plans by completely rigging the Financial Markets worldwide.
I can not return home to California as the standing threat from the Dictator oBAMA to throw me away into a unknown hole forever! Here I will include below the principle writings I have authored that are running free and wild currently on the Internet and are the reasons for my necessary protection, now currently since the Neo-Keiv reality, we all live in, there is a Nazi uprising occurring politically and socially, and with austerity measures dealt out by EU nations is a direct lead up into once again concentration camps and or Mad-Max days wholesale as in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine and is spreading far and wide due to what American and Europeans funds truly pay for, war unlimited. And now enveloping Europe into the Libya-IS and Syrian-IS/Turkish War with the migrant crisis, IS terror crisis, and the failure of Deutsche Bank…
Please see that Vladimir Putin also reads this letter, and as I’m sure eventually ever Russian wishes and needs to understand what I understand, so also with my insertion into Russian life will be my School of Sovereignty that will teach and disseminate out the truth of Independence and Sovereignty and what anyone who believes in the future must understand, or for lack of wisdom and solidarity you may need to have a nasal feeding tube forcible inserted to end your Hunger-Strike against the Sadistic method they keep you incarcerated the rest of your nights, as no light is permitted in the dungeon of death that has become the American dream into a nightmare.
So please cooperate in our monumental struggle against genocide, just as Russia must find a way to make the Great Light to end all the argument and differentiation that leave some with none and the rest with less, i also must find this light.
Please let us negotiate a deal for me to come home, in from the cold, to Mother Russia, i promise to give my all as I always do.
Robert L Wallerstein III 9172014 please respond edited 2/8/2016, 2nd editing 12/16/2016
PS 1) Blessing to those suffering from WWII and world-wide eugenics programs…
As it appears US military intelligence is involved in the terror attack on the Russian civilian airliner in Sinai, please let us have the most peaceful resolve if at all possible. rlwIII 11/7/ 2015
PS 2)I don’t wish ever to make asylum in my life, and that is not my plan. rlwIII 12/16/2016 Deutschland
ALOHA, love Robi the beast slayer, Nastrovia !!!


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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