WORLD EMBASSY offer of Amnesty to world-wide conspirators and war criminals: ultimate Dictator oBAMA-Bildeberg conspiracy revealed and intellectual-WAR! declared against them

ultimate Dictator oBAMA-bildeberg conspiracy reveled and intellectual-WAR! declared against them, With google announcing drones to bring us internet everywhere, a DARPA ‘AI’ neural chip ready for drones waits  ready , zuckerburg becoming the intellectual censor of USk and AmerKel’s Deutschland and then the world???, police in usK planning to mount deadly weapons to drones, etc…

This is by the implementation of world-wide spring uprisings started by soros funding silk revolutions, 911 wars, Kennedy assassinations = world-wide dissemination of nuclear weapons and the Wiki-Leaks made by Dictator oBAMA’s induced release by the seething Bradley Manning.and let us not forget the Bush families role for over 100 years initiated with the beginning of a world-wide globalist takeover with the implementation of the private Federal Reserve and fractional banking that by American-Nazi-CIA backed force has infiltrated the whole world economy.

Now with the Boogie-Man pointing dictator, barry sotero aka BAMA, in place and in power , the greater killing has begun on a human population of  nearly 90% world-wide that are quickly becoming the controlled opposition.

opposition to what?

the slave agreements Dictator oBAMA has signed with his left as would Adolf Hitler if he could.

GMO’s, Monsanto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zika = mandatory vaccinations with Nagalase Enzyme conspiracy causing cancer, autism, etc??? and a mandatory vaccination system demanded by the governments and scientists that made it??? no more free breeding humans??? total control of human reproduction!!! already in south Americas the breeding is at almost none with the announcement of babies with retarded small brains being the result of infected pregnancies! multiple Florida vaccine research doctors assassinated !!!!! drug co. that produced cure GCMAF shutdown in Europe after doctors deaths!!!!

breeding of natural humans is now being made obsolete and or illegal??? by the proxy armies of der führer oBAMA, ameriKan government and globalists, example1-b.gates and Gatres Foundation, why isn’t he jailed???

could their possibly be NO presidential election! with ww3 unraveling and the clinton’s needing to do jail time.

so, now its Russia’s move where the EU stands with its hands in the cookie jar as it makes laws to protect the ISIS insurgency that has been set upon European nations and people by der führer oBAMA and his minions and masters at CIA ,Bildeberg, Tri-Lateral Commission and CFR, NATO, EU, etc… these are the nazi’s??? and their collaborators? the illegal masters of our world!!!

>Trump and Putin must stay alive to launch the real witch hunt of these fore mentioned bastards and bitches world-wide and send them to the green prisons where they can build their homes, grow their own food, and as community service be sent to pick and eradicate GMO plants that they by their own powers released upon humanity . Then when that work is completed they may be permitted again back into human society but oily thru the internet, i offer these most heinous criminals far better living conditions than does Norway give to Andreas Brevik. Their families will be able to live with them and assist in their work programs.

rlwallersteinIII 352016 619AM Earth

PS !!!! and Trump, get some  manners like good ole Vladimir and then u can save ameriKa and the world from pompous rich assholes that run our world into a ditch!!!


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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