illuminadi waiting for hell to freeze over and their making it happen!?!?!?

but there before us and scaufed at by europeans is the Giza Pyramid Complex where I predict and plan for a large in content museum or technical and literary library to be discovered.

the stone conceals all mysteries of time and space relevant for sure.

for they are the sentinels of the great repository of knowledge that must have been stored in the halls of Giza open access library, where must have been all knowledge, thought and culture of the ancient Atlantians where we come from.

so within and and waiting to be unlocked is what lies within inscribed in stone and predictably and practically undetectable except by the outspoken.

its sensible at the very location of such a great library is also a copy of that same library that can stand the vacuum of space and time and still be vaulted intact, whats encoded in the massive mega-terrabite storage of the Krystal Skulls etc… that’s in our possession already, our’s meaning humanity’s.

the Pyramids must be protected from destruction and or theft by the no truth cult of illuminadi and their band of relic destroying marauders, the prodigy of nIMROD, who by their plan to kill G-D and humanity necessitate destroying and or stealing G-D’s gift and gifts to Humankind


rlwallersteinIII 100677


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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