ultra-secret Bilderberg agenda: SOVEREIGNTY 2.o by Washington and Wallerstein

The most subversive and secretive talk behind the back of Lord Rothchild and his technocratic soldiers is the resurrection and re-securing of the world out of the hands of fascistic Oligarchs, who will with their desire for absolute power = absolute corruption, destroy any hope of a livable future. They are so fearful of this that the overlord security is searching for Nuclear explosive devices, as well being the largest Deutsche policei action since der Alten Zeit of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. All this is out of the fear, and with good cause of the world.wide riots causing a end of building any sort of Elysium and cause the most wealthy and rich of the world to retreat into living in hollowed out earth till a system can be devised to move them off-world safely to a place that could??? sustain life as required, that as i understand now thru scientific knowledge we don’t quite know where that is yet or how to get their safely, and that our nice green watery rock we live on will be made uninhabitable with the now unleashing World War III to dominate and cull of the majority of the worlds population and specific genotypes completely eradicated.

ur protagonist

It takes only one person to save the world,But it takes a collective to destroy it………………aRLeon the Sovereign wallerstein III 682015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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