can Deep State/dICTATORoBAMA-CIA hack the U.S.Armed Forces

It’s already happened and Trump is assuming the burden already,

but, in the future the cost of this false flag Trump now wears like a BAR-MITZVAH_tallis/prayer_shawl will be irrevocable!

Trump truly is married to the False-Hebrews and is and will continue to do their wicked will.

So when the U.S.Military does the contrary to Trump-MORALITY like friendly fire and bombing itself and or its proxy armies and hospitals and civilians…

and nuking North Korea, most humans will believe Trump did it and he will have to let it be so since his handlers tell him “It can go which(witch)-ever way the Deep State pleases, so, don’t_lose_your_head_mr.President”,

and of course national security and secrecy must never be acquiesced.

rlwallersteinIII june one 5777


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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