DONATIONS now accepted and needed, please help, Danke Schön

please send your donations to this bank account located in Deutschland

IBAN: DE87 1001 0010 0013 5396 78


if you would like to donate from outside of europe and u prefer not paying a wiring-tax, contact me about a temporary use of bitcoin or some other transferable currency thats not or less taxed.


thank you

robert l wallerstein III, World Ambassador, Deutschland,  may 15, 17

P.S. the more money i receive the more i can do all the way to buying land and setting the SHR-thing land-trusts up under the World Embassy, where immediately any lands acquired will be planned with the authority of the true sovereigns of the region(s) whenever politically possible.

As well these funds will go towards my disability fund required for my frankenspine and healthcare it and incidentally the rest of my person require for basic existence.

i have 7 compressed disks 2 herniated disks + 1 unknown apparently herniated thoracic disk.

USA wont give me my Social Security Disability i qualify for because of my choice of legal medicine they illegalize because they can then make so much money of controlling and hurting innocent people who yearn to be free.

“FRANKENSPINE” cavities,bone-spurs & herniated discs on my spine caused by ADHD(amphetamine-cylert) drugging against my knowledge and will as a child 7-13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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