does Trump = Dictator oBAMA or trump him as the Illuminadi King; INTERNATIONAL SANCTIONS & BOYCOTT ON USA & ITS SUPPORT NETWORK !!!

how long, how many, who pays
if not now, then when…
demand accountability, demand justice, demand honor, demand integrity !!!
DEMAND AN END TO CORPORATE FASCISM in the USA and in your own homeland.
Let it be known all over the world it is an international war crime to cooperate and collude with the American government and der Führer UNPres. oBAMA and now, next: Pres.45 D.J.Trump?!, KING Donald??!! international war criminal and his political regime, and with American industry and American banking and stock market industry that performs the tasks that build the military industrial complex of the USA, as well as with international companies and corporations that also aid and abed USA providing infrastructure support and materials.
Their must be a new world body elected by the people of Earth to judge and prosecute these criminals and their crimes past, present and future that are the supporting infrastructure of the U.N. Agenda 21 which is a written road map into the 21 century that is ignoring all these criminal abuses and rather fosters them is therefore illegitimate.
This new world body must have the legitimacy of the worlds people through way of outright imposition over this existing corrupt and illegitimate system which would never allow and will not allow such a rule changing event, yet the laws are all in place regarding the activities of these said criminals, it’s all just a
matter of ending the discriminatory prosecution practices and get to the “Enlightenment”. Do i need to say it in “French”.
GENERAL STRIKE will ferret them out of their rat holes.
Let the brutality of the criminal and crime or crimes be weighed against the brutality of the punishment, let us have Mercy as we have wished for in the duress of crippling democide of being underfoot of the
criminals and their acts, yet let this episode end once and for all and never be repeated again in the future.
No innocent person need be harmed any longer and all can continue as if we just had a bad day and now its over.
Time to fix whats broken, replace what’s missing, invent our future and plan for things flying through space at us, from us, and with us.
all humanity together as one … or none
robert wallerstein 9:35 am 4/1/13, edited 4/14/13
ps: this is no april fools day joke
rlwallersteinIII revised 42217 for The Trumpeting Time

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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