If N.Korea is nuked for resisting and threatening imperial Capitalistism then what about nuclear tipped threats from Europe by Nazi Industrialist heir EU King c.juncker

N.Korea might be able to make good on their threats.

But Europe has tried countless times to Coup and attack America for over 200 years.
The threat by the un-elected EU King c.juncker
-(direct heir to the most successful Nazi Industrialist, is nothing but a post-Nazi Emperor hording ill-gotten wealth via the Holocaust of Europe from the Nazis by building their Luftwaffen)
on California, Austin Tx, and naturally DC is nothing less than a threat to conquer America with a post-Nazi army using post-Nazi tactics and technologies including cyber, space, bio/med/hazard-weapons, infiltration by foreign agents and double agents, market manipulation, and outright warfare via UN and NATO occupations and attacks.
Very soon USA can be at war with NATO and Europe for resisting entering military action against Russia and the ongoing problem of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Turkey and Israel …


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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