To make AmeriKa great again;
ok, yes but it was never great under the white man’s reign unless you count the exceptional conquest, genocide and subjugation of Sovereign People Tribes and Nations.
Actually AmeriKa can never be great under the current illegal ownership (unsoveriegn possession).
And as a initial curse against The AmeriKa she has violated almost every Commandment of the 10 Commandments it says it stands for in Her inception and execution.
So AmeriKa is truly a sadistic manifestation of antichrist in sheep’s clothing. George Washington was great to be the first unKing of Europe and free his comrade slaves.
But as to the tightening and bracing back of the bow of colonization for the full invasion to come, the Native AmeriCans perceived the true threat of the power and how it would build a masonic dynasty of their beloved Turtle Island, it was prophecy.
Now let us lay the newest corner stone for a true justice to spread across the lands so no human is desperate and without the riches their is so much of but because a greedy few turned into too many bastards and bitches stealing away the earths livelihood it wasting it away from the deprived humans who need the matter as the matter needs them to use is properly.
Lets not Nuke our world (more) when we can work with the truth to create justice and true peacefulness spreading across the whole world.
then we can clean up our mess and figure how to go forward as well as possible.
its our last chance i firmly believe.
rlw3 friday april 7, 17 4:20;)


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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