Intellectual Partisans World-Wide Sovereignty Center

Dictator obama and his USk government may now consider your act of simply clicking on this site or entering its URL as a act of terrorism and a hostile act to the USk government and its interests, be forewarned if you’ve reached this point its possibly too late if you’ve dialed in on a detectable source, so then please at this point copy and translate these pages into your native language, then send original and translations far and wide in any method and fashion you desire or that you can dream up, as it is one of the ultimate expressions of free-speech and freewill.
The resultant universal seed of thought collaborated here at risk of life liberty and pursuit of happiness is on behalf of all humanity in defense of the same, with universal support it could do the same and support all people into sovereignty and self reliance and protect the Universe from the bad seed humanity is fast becoming.
Thank you for your cooperation saving what’s precious, Freedom.
aRLeon WallersteinIII 05082015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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