REPRINT Feb2014: der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama, “since im the president i can do what ever i want”

what does this man really want
your sovereignty, worldwide(.) what this amounts to is your freewill to choose.
its clear
der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama may as well be the devil or his right left hand man or agent
der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama is the dictator history has warned the world of time and time again
now he, der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama
wants your unborn children and anyone’s life that cant defend it or is unable to
der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama is a manifestation and instrument of mass denial and apathy
how far will this go, well know dictator hussein informs us of his plan to erode any nations sovereignty and breach its national borders with drone strikes he is planning on Americans that have not been proven by any standard means of rule of law to determine if that individual shall be executed and on what grounds, although this type of behavior is prohibited by the Geneva convention.
i suggest the human race study the situation to the maximum degree
and i’m sure the majority of the human race will understand the necessity of humanity to unify for this moment in time and forever end fascism on planet earth with the secret weapon known throughout history as sovereignty, better known as freewill
when we collectively make general strike worldwide it will be possible to rewrite our governments and correct our constitutions worldwide to include the legal recognition of the individual sovereign as a state unto themselves
rather than a new world order
our goal is a world of sovereignty with more sovereign bodies than exist now already!
this sovereign concept is the arch enemy of the new world order and the Illuminati that lead it
so let us begin the sovereign general strike that is sanctioned by the 1945 Rules of Nurenberg, Deutschland and protected by the Geneva convention and hereby is designed and designated to disrupt and cause an ending or ceasing of the illegal activities of those against the human species and the natural earth system as a whole and without genetic modifications and artificial inteligences.
let it be done
sovereign general strike – prepare to stay at home or go camp in the mountains, stow water, filter systems, food – dry, seeds (nonGMO)
general strike –  dont make a resistance for the government to come and quell, halt or stop
general strike – prepare for the government to label you and possible come after you as a enemy combatant, this is the opposite of the truth – stand your ground wherever you may have to
don’t use violence unless violence is used on you or is eminent
and when ever possible avoid violence and situations that could create or erupt in violence
practice how to make less suffering in each moment
we have choice
ever moment before you is a choice of more or less suffering
lets create a world of less and less suffering by choosing the hi road of conscious less suffering choices
and create a new world of plenty for all
so in the spirit of doing what we want
lets want less suffering
choose live over death
choose supporting peace and not war
ever moment is another chance to make peace in the  world
please send this message everywhere in the world and universe
let it be done
this is the age of aquarius
let us bring the life giving water to the universe beginning with ourselves
general strike for a unified-self independent sovereign humanity
lets go ahead with the movement of moments
yes let it be so
it is so
general strike all the way to the office of der Führer U.N.president b HUSSEIN obama
all together now lets save life for the children and all that’s left living on earth and the universe
wallerstein 2122014 its a new time and new game

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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