to:World Governemnts and Nuclear Industries; PNEUMATIC/AIR POWERED ROBOTS & DRONE HUBS

To save human life and life on Earth please construct pneumatic/air powered robots with fiber and mirror optic to survey and make repairs as required at nuclear disasters failures.
These pneumatic/air powered robots on leashes won’t be at all effected by radiation and can be run by nearby movable and replaceable drone robot hubs.
These drone hubs can be moved into hi-radiation exposure zones where humans and electromagnetic robots cant last and therefore function or operate feasibly,
The on site air and or pneumatic robot can plug into the drone hubs.
The drone hubs can be replaced as their electromagnetic infrastructure collapses after its location near or in a radioactive repair or disaster failure zone.
The drone hubs and pneumatic/air robots can be functioned from a safe distance by as large a team as necessary with no risk to human health.
rlwallersteinIII 3272017 earth

i need a paycheck too!!!!


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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