REPRINT 5/13/16-4/4/13; Tte N.Korean satellite has activated “and then there were two!!!”

is the jig up for America now ?
the N.Korean satellite could very well have been a successful placement in orbit were it has gone into stealth mode and appears to be lifeless and therefore useless.
this would be a likely expectation of the arrogant and show keeping Americans, but its possible that the Koreans had planned for the satellite to appear amateurish when in fact the EMP is waiting for the necessary signal to turn on, stabilize and deploy.
Only time will tell if its the up-the-sleeve move of KIM Jung-un,
More likely is that special agent D.Rodman delivered the scheme for a planned increase in defense spending, martial readiness, political blackmail and extortion, there is a lot of money to be made and the arresting of civil rights and liberties in just the mention of such activities.
All that’s necessary is to pop a few A-bombs, maybe a P-bomb and lob some new space junk around and over our heads.
but i expect it to be the wild card and ace up the sleeve reenforcing the coming downfall of America, and subsequent invasion of foreign armies.
poor America will have no friends when this fateful day arrives
wake up America and save yourself and the world from World War 3
its America’s responsibility and blame for this.
don’t be surprised when the last thing you hear about over your electric grid energized communications networks are, ” the N.Korean satellite has activated, stabilized and set a new course of a planned decent over the continental USA”.
robert wallerstein, 4/4/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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