now it is legal and yet a violation of national and international law, never the less, that the Pentagon on approximately June 24, 2015 announced its newest Dictator Hobamao edict upon the population of earth,

the Belligerent Journalist Law based on Hobamao’s own personal editing of NDAA/2012/SECT.D/1021-1031, allowing the US military to execute any journalist anywhere anytime for their opinion that the said journalist is belligerent and is or will conduct activities counter to the interest of that US soldier, US Military forces and their attaches and agents, , the US Embassy Diplomatic Mission staff that is composed of the US Marine Corps with an attache of the CIA, and to the USA and its allies( and their territories, occupations and interests (including Islamic State???!!!)

Furthermore with the CIA serving as the principle provider of raw military intelligence, whether it be factual matters not, clearly as we have seen intelligence can be fabricated and even manufactured by the CIA. Then it goes without saying that the CIA is actually a functioning arm of the US Military and their Operations as is exemplified by the CIA drone program that is as i believe worldwide and, under the dark cover of the war on Terror, ALciaDA and the newly formed Islamic State world-wide terror cell, will be launched against sovereign seeking individuals, Nations, States, wannabe states, tribes and religious groups as well as using the tried and true methods of race and class warfare to destroy the hope of a sane, peaceful and livable future and enslave all of us that survive the culling that is the implementation of Agenda 21 and the plan of the Bilderberg group , the Trilateral Commission and the CFR.

and as of this moment that i write the situation will be intensifying with the blatant use of assassination programs in countries of us cross.border security exchange as the US will expect all to bow to fulfill the order of contracts to keep to the violations of international law to plan and commit treasonous acts against the populations in theirs and foreign lands, or pay the consequence of the wild-card NSA extortion and blackmail info be revealed to destroy the lives of those in power and ripe apart their lands.

Dictator Hobamao controls DARPA that has a program called SKYNET as in the terminator movie, currently the us is proliferating out drone technology and equipment to many undemocratic oligarch states and the american surveillance drone program currently opening up has a contract with the FAA to fly 30,000 drones simultaneously over the continental USA if i’m not incorrect or close to the mark.

so who dares to raise the World Embassy

any takers have courage or put your head back in your hole in the ground, cause its what you all are making,

nothing but your own grave.

rlwallersteinIII 722015

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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