STOP WORLD WAR III NOW!!! REPRINT: ARREST UN-Pres.oBAMA and his henchmen sept.9,2013

Why is bH obama not in jail waiting for sentencing for International War Crimes and political assassinations (terrorism)???
Act now and demand obama gets what is prescribed in the US Constitution, Rules of Nuremburg and Geneva Convention for such International War Crimes as premeditated lying to the world about Syrian army/rebel chemical attacks to cause the contracted murder of Syrian Leader Bashir Assad and the fall of the Sovereign Nation of Syria, as well as the contracted murder, with his accomplice Hitlery, oops excuse me Hillary Clinton, of Ambassador to Libya, Stevens, and their illegal war to invade, topple the  Sovereign Nation of Libya and murder the Libyan Leader Qaddafi, as well as the Inter-National murders of innocent civilians world-wide via drone strikes which obama signs for each drone strike, each time with his left hand, like adolf hitler signed illegal laws and actions for the German 3rd Reich that caused WWII and the death of more than 12 million Europeans and the loss of sovereignty of Deutchland, and the political resurrection of the ancient extinct nation of israel at the expense of those who where currently living in the region, all leading us to a greater Bush/federal reserve system that is starving specific human populations and toxifying the planet as a whole to the degree trans-humanism will be necessary to withstand the toxic unlivable environment being created by the result of Bush-ism(Busch-ism)
We all(all living humans) are on the 100 year bush plan, co-created in 1913 by Senator prescott walker bush, who co-initiated the private US Federal Reserve Banking system that is the predecessor to the World Monetary Fund, which has controlled negotiations of international loans with the ballast of (Monsanto corp.) Genetically Modified Seed distribution that genetically invades and destroys the viability of ever-lasting Native Heirloom Seed Banks which are our(humanities) hope and future.
Den Hague in the Netherlands must order the immediate arrest and war crimes tribunal for us-pres.b.h.obama, secretary of state j.kerry and h.clinton, g w bush, dick cheney, d rumsfeld, c. rice, c. powell etc. and their accomplices in USA, NATO, Israel and their respective spy agencies and those responsible for the false flag attacks and assassinations on president John F Kennedy, Dr/Rev.Martin L King jr, Robert Kennedy and the 911 attack on America ASAP, before they start World War III with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, N.Korea, Pakistan, Egypt. If WWIII (Armageddon) is allowed to breakout all humanity will be pummeled into a very unfriendly ‘Mad Max’-ish-Stone Age where famine and pestilence will be the rule of Earth, following the largest planned holocaust ever to visit humanity, via premeditated Intercontinental-Thermo-Nuclear-War.
wallerstein 9/9/2013


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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