the false Trump bubble will pop with California unless…

look at what the elite are doing with their share,

The current explosion of wall street is without the rearranging of the market holders of ill-gained colossal capital that they will benefit from pulls and pushes of the markets speculation that their hi percentage of market volume or equity will be under their control and capitulation.

Now with the failure of the ability for Trump to realize our dreams already falling into the California swamp to be with the Rancho Seco nuclear time bomb and the like…

Unless the exponential explosion of nuclear growth now promised by Trump is for fending of alien invasions or launching against earthbound asteroids and comets, we can expect such sustained wars that challenge the hyper-American supremacy promised by Trump, that will implode wall street in on it self  again and again and its hitlerian historical corruption will grow into a more punishing and conquering Mao Tsê-tung.

Whats real is hITLER RISING in ANTARCTICA and the reality that the world leaders are now being forced to submit to the Secret-Third-Reich-Shadow-Government apparently unveiling  itself in the oasis of the frozen Antediluvian Wonderland down under.

This what the intelligence agency war is about???, and why a satanic vein runs deep into world culture society religion and when Trump wont denuclearize America and the world and work with Russia to bring back Helieum3 from the moon to run the worlds energy needs more feasibly, realistically and clean, creating our necessary Space/Moon-Base to begin exploring and colonizing the Moon and Space, then we all will eventually be like Native Americans and have oil with our crumbs and like it too.

rlwallersteinIII 2252017


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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