WHAT’s CRAWLING OUT OF THE CALIFORNIA SWAMP TO BE = santa-clarita-diet :reprint1/3/14: has obama contracted D.A.R.P.A. to resurrect the beast (dragon/Nephilim) of the Bible

do the democidal manics that run our world search for the ultimate weapons against the sheeple.
its a very disturbing Jurassic Park when Nephilim genetic are revived from viable sources in ice, bogs and mummies.
yes A.I. artificial intelligence is a worry as to the ideals of the Borg (StarTrek/RANDcorp) and total material enslavement (Matrix) but as the hi goal of the fallen angel Lucifer(NIMROD???) being a competitor to the glory of Enki(YHWH)???) so we have been told is the destruction of the human genome.
do they (the global elite) wish to set upon us all in hopes of reducing the population to 500 million or less.
or is it more the schizophrenic state of dictators to have the ultimate power
which would be to set upon the earth a beast that is on its own knowings
comet ison (etc.) and bacteria viruses fungi and burning fireballs and islands falling from the sky is our concern of the moment.
but lets not forget what’s running in the background.
when the power grid gets broken then nuclear meltdowns will ensue(.)
wallerstein , 1/3/2014 Hopi 5th world!!!

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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