whats barry up to now. #WATCHINoBAMA is a permanent job

       Dear Doni,
Let’s first place oBAMA in jail for inciting a race war and illegal secession of California.
At this moment it is possible to place Xdictator oBAMA in chains for the indictable allegations of past national and international crimes and war crimes, as well as known attempts and threats by the oBAMAer himself, by racketeering, to rearrange the the peoples electoral voice for his desires.
Now with the news that barry and gang are going to set up shop in the illegally fortified with every-kind of vice imaginable to humankind California to be steered of into it’s own new oBAMAnation is absurd as a “Giant Turd” and that We The People insist and DEMAND that as the first official act of command that you, our new DJ Pres Trump, irradicate that problem NOW!!!
World Ambassador RLWallersteinIII-Californian 1232016 Deutschland

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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