NATO/USA/EU/ISRAEL are leading the world at full speed into WORLD WAR III, reprint

the western Nazis blame Russia and fear of a resurrected powerful Russian empire

but let the truth be known

America is leading off World War III by having military actions in over 100 nations on earth and wont relent, as well as providing for revolutions and insurrections leading to coup-d’etat in who knows how many places, that information is secret.

America holds its illegally acquired territories, which not only account for foreign occupation but also represent the ongoing occupation of much of North America,

truly the united states has no verified land of authenticity or nativity,

and is seeded founded and grown up on top of a continuing foreign occupation of lands belonging to North American Sovereign Native Peoples and Nations, who have been coerced through genocide and extinction into submission and “PEACE TREATIES”

Israel  has occupied another people who happened to be living on the nice place in Jerusalem and surrounding areas, the genocide of these peoples to regain the position of king David and Solomon is not protected by any law,all decided by the British rule and also illegal occupation under the guise of expansion of the British empire wiwt no concern to nations states and peoples sovereignty,

there is no biblical right to genocide and kill those who are where one desires to exist

its nothing but a sin in all humans eyes

the EU helps America in its illegal hegemony and approach on Russia for war via Ukraine

the EU doesn’t protect ethnic peoples and the plight of populations from ethnic and political persecution but in fact fuels the flames that kill the persecuted, whether it be in Syria Africa Afghanistan or Iraq etc. the EU supports NATO America and Israel in their attacks and incursions into foreign sovereign lands.

the EU is destroying the sovereignty and freewill of the peoples and countries of Europe and now Asia minor and Africa.

the EU appears to be Hitler’s dream of a one Europe that will usurp the power and sovereignty of the world and convert it into a corporation, why make a war with Russia ???

the EU violates Europeans health and right to self determination

preventing humans from helping each other with natural herbs and and other health benifits

the EU allows GMO products and crops in the EU even though it says it doesnt

the EU is in thru austerity measures is creating a war on the poor and ethnic people in the south of EU

the EU is lining the pockets of its leaders with the gold stolen from the mouths of the starving people in many of the failed states of the EU

the EU appears to be in-line with the Nazis in Ukraine that it supports and protects

NATO… Georgia Libya Ukraine Yugoslavia Operation Gladio bombings … interpol mi5 cia

the list of western terrorists and Nazis, acts and players goes on and on and on…

the Queen and her agenda 21 policy of reducing the worlds population to 1 billion and other niceties that England does to itself and the world…

if you search for evil to attack or stand up to just look at yourselves westerners and know why we sovereign humans detest your hypocrisy and war on existence.

who tolerates this …

zombies and Nazis!!!!!!

rlwalleratein 5152014


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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