Nastrovia sayeth George Washington and Peace to all Nations and People

George Washington would defect to Russia if he were alive today!
If this happened , then in theory their would be a state or states in Russia occupied by decedents of G.Washington and the Freeman Society of African-Americans.
There would be a distinct mark on the Russian psyche and society.
Why should we not think Vladimir Putin doesnt understand the true meanings of Glasnos G.Washington style.
Nastrovia and Happy New Year to the hopeful and hopeless.
rlwallersteinIII January I MMXVII Deutschland

To the People of the United States.
George Washington, Farewell Address, September 17th, 1796
……31 Observe good faith and justice towards all Nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. Religion and Morality enjoin this conduct; and can it be,that good policy does not equally enjoin it? It will be worthy of a free,enlightened, and, at no distant period, a great Nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence. Who can doubt, that, in the course of time and things,the fruits of such a plan would richly repay any temporary advantages, which might be lost by a steady adherence to it ? Can it be, that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a Nation with its Virtue? The experiment,at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human nature. Alas!is it rendered impossible by its vices ?

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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