Trumps hi-tech space swamp – where his float is navigating to already??? leaving Humanity with Hitlery & Diktor oBAMA

Proof off Trumps technocratic basis in his exportation to space at the drop of a lesson learned and gained by the true insider he is, Trump will evacuate a unsafe earth to an Elysium before his term is through i predict and plan for, as our earth is given a clear timeline to destruction by unheralded consumption in the building of the Elysium by Trump/USA and the Russians.

What a concept of a wall!

Now he,  Trump; complains of Diktor oBAMA’s policies of releasing illegal immigrant criminals onto the American people and into safe harbor/cities and secret locations where they ravage the American people,

but he is talking about not prosecuting Hitlery and the constant War-Criminal-oBama is already making open plans to Jerry-mander on the Democratic Election Boards and Districts, that’s open conspiracy to commit racketeering, and with none other than the Fast-&-Furious criminal eric holder.

Does Trump really plan as if `”nothing to see here”,”these aren’t the terrorists u’r looking for” so it’s ok that Diktor oBAMA and Hitlery can just do as they please and do, we could witness their lives and they would need to off us too, as they already plan in their emails and plans for world domination!!!, oh that’s already happening too!!!

but not to worry cause hound dog trumps on the case and if Russia didn’t do it then someone or something else must be to blame

UFOs!!! happy new year if your Nimrod or the DON

is that the real Trump???!!!!

rlwallerstein 12292016


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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