Diktor oBAMA is holding DC hostage with nukes???

how can Diktor oBAMA do all he does and not get justice in so many possible ways and options that are enshrouding his being and ours!
does he have an invisible force field, almost.
late in bush and early in oBAMA regimes nukes were being hauled around by what appeared to be idiots or spies. what is the most reasonable reason for all that, logically?
now trump is under threat of being nuked and should move to a fortified publicly known location to prevent a nuclear attack on NYC/NJ and make it impossible for his location to be struck, isolated away from the population of USA till we can be vetted.
welcome to the new police state reality.
Trump must be CHAINED now to prevent his becoming a dictatorial oligarch.
and made safe so diktor oBAMA can be isolated and extracted from world politics, society and science.

rlwallerstein 12272016 deutschland


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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