Trump must save Native AmeriCans and Native Palestinians or we must FLUSH HIM TOO!!!

Trump can not be allowed to run down any humans for his profit schemes and his peoples wishes, HE MUST BE CHAINED to the drain of the swamp and have to be forced to meter it meter by meter, yes we give him a mask and a diving tank, he now must pay for his life of luxury and work it to the bone for humanities recovery.

Trump should give half his money to a world relocation fund that I run as the world ambassador

When Trump wont do these things or similar then we must sink his float on the swamp to go down the drain with it as he is a STRONG formation of what the swamp gives buoyancy to, and why it is there.

Robert L Wallerstein III, World Ambassador, Christmass 2016


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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