The New German Independence Party plan by George Washington

Promises of the New German Independence Party – designed by Robert L Wallerstein III

    Order an end to the corporate contract of the Bundestat Republik Deutschland over rthe Independent Deutschland by the illegal occupiers, France, UK and USA, that holds closed the natural return to The Sovereign Independent Deutschland after the removal of the Nazi-Zionist conspiracy of Adolf Hitler, returning the true property (real estate) to the German People by producing and ratifying the New German Declaration of Independence.

    Order a return to normal internal-Deutsche border-protection and control.

    Order an end to NATO/USA/EU military occupation and military cooperation.

    Order an end to all European Union contracts and cooperation as the EU is hostile towards the Independent and Sovereign Deutschland.

    Order to end the free influx of fighters of foreign wars of terrorism and known convicted or suspected criminals(by discretion).

    Order to end the forced relocation of disenfranchised refugees from distant, non-adjacent lands by the UN and other non-German authorities.

    Order an end of all contracts with world finance as it is exposed as completely corrupt with inner and exterior governmental/corporate-oligarch/finance espionage, making it illegitimate and therefore null and void as to any constraining or obligatory contracts of finance/loan and co-conglomeration of German assets into caustically colluded funds, shares and stocks that are corrupt and cause in-confidence to the World Market that the overseers(bankers, politicians, Monarchies and corporate oligarchs use as a Divide and Conquer (problem-reaction-solution) Trojan Horse mechanism. At the same time remaining in existing contracts that are completely non-violent in nature socially and materially to the earth and her natural and unnatural systems of cultured humans that are established with or without the need of other people or world systems.

    Order a resurrection of the Deutschmark based on the true value and potential of the the German economy.

    Order the creation of a electronic Deutschmark-bit coin system based on the Marketability of Deutschland  and therefore creating the production,  buying and selling of Deutsche State Stocks and Bonds causing little Deutschland to literally and systemically become the worlds reserve currency and cause Deutschland to be the free German state over all other free states, and the basis of a free, peaceful and stable world market and world social system that will lead the world into the first period of true life liberty and pursuit of happiness worldwide that is the dream of almost every free or enslaved human.
Order an immediate shut down of all Nuclear systems with a immediate emergency relocation of decentralized wind, solar, environmental co-generation, and other alternative sources including the manufacture of hydrogen production facilities that utilize Tesla technology that removes energy directly from the air which can be adapted and distributed into the already existing natural gas system
. This will generate a giant abundance of hi-level technical worker jobs fro all people in Deutschland to have a sustainable job and future.

    Order a strict prohibition on GMO foods, seeds, building materials, fuels and oils.

    Order a prohibition on the use of new products made from crude, fracking-shale oil

    Order the implementation of the Hemp For Victory program to fulfill all the products that no longer will enter Deutschland due to their illegal nature via the New German Trading Agreement.

    Order that no person involved in the disenfranchisement or prohibition of any other person from sovereignty, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, even when it is the decree and law of the land to force free individuals to take the same from another, regardless of state or national controversy over that person or people. no person shall break another humans basic rights of existence and expect to be granted the same, a system of rehabilitation shall be established for these people who can no longer return to their land safely, upon completion and certification these reformed criminals also may be allowed entry on a possible permanent basis, but only when return to their Land of Nativity is impossible.

Order that the state subsidizes the retooling of all German Corparations for the future streamlined green-hi-tech Deutschland able to seed the stars green.

Order a social welfare system that meets the true needs of the German society so that all Germans can enjoy a progressive growing life and future that gives hope upon hope …to be continued…

    rlwallersteinIII 12132014   1st revision 512015 2nd 642016


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