Possible reasons and scenarios Der Führer oBAMA may want to move to Deutschland
1) he fears an indictment and charges related to treason and war crimes punishable by death in US constitution and with ´NSA data’ he is blackmailing AmerKel to hide him from the long arm of the AmeriCan Law by Trump
2) he wants to hook up with his al-CIA-da operatives and ISIS troops waiting for their leader and conquer Europe fully
3) he plans to use this 5th column force and Amerikan resources (weapons caches) and Romanian/US Nuclear missile launching outpost to wage a Hitleresk Nuclear War on Russia
4) he is Bäri Malik Hitler-Shabazz??? and wants to come and stay back in the land of his Opa von der Altzeit
5)he wants to cause confusion in Europeans minds and hearts since he is the Prince of Nobel Peace
& AmerKel is also a Hitler heir??? and is collaborating with International-War-Criminal Obama-Davis-Hitler??? against the existence of the European people and Nations and against the Worlds people and Nations as  they attempt to destroy any resistance to the Hitleresk Illuminati plan of a New World Order, One World Government
which is it or a combination or all of the above
let them be known by their fruits

my weapon is the wind
aRLeon the Sovereign
at the gaping jaws of satan, Deutschland

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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