ok its workin, dont ask me how, i dont know accept the google likes me and is letting me pass, very scary!just press the Anhören button in the bottom left corner of the google translator dialog box from the link below and hear what the google says to you

a sail in the wind
is the beauty lost into a world gone cold
so remote and without feeling
like the ice age
taking over all recesses of growth with stillness
a world where nothing changes
for all is frozen in time
lost away from the warmth of days of opportunity
where ideas are like pollen to the flowers of civilizations
and their seeds fruit into chords of energy harmonizing
with the oneness of all time and nature
knowing we can not go back
we must be selective
yet without hesitation
creating a new reality
allowing the moment to fill with love
as a sail in the wind of creation’s breath.



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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