THE WORLD EMBASSY, if not now then when? revised

I, aRLeon the Sovereign, proclaim,

“LET US HAVE A NEW CONTRACT” where every individual human is guaranteed by the authority of ‘Life’ itself , the greatest and most mysterious force known in all of time, that they shall have right of sovereignty, self determination, and freewill where those rights will not afford (yield) the same rights of others of the same or similar status, which is the elemental form of all creatures expressing their right to exist by simply being, whether or not they make any resistance to their demise consciously or unconsciously.

When the World empowers The World Embassy,

I will co-produce and ratify as the World Ambassador,

The New Magna Carta II.

Let us have today and every day our daily bread and the World Embassy to guarantee our existence…

aRLeon wallerstein III 3192015…on the eve of destruction

revised 9/3/16 one minute to midnight
Russel Means tells Americans

they will do to themselves

what they have done to the Native Americans


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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