hail mary or mo_______ pass is on the way – rumors of a IS suitcase NUKE traveling to ameriKa “ordered by Obama’s AmeriKa”???

we must preeminently blame a suitcase nuke being set off in the USA on the bush’s, clintons, JFK assassins, frekin lbj, federal reserve banking, military industrial complex, nuclear proliferation…
and most of all Der Führer oBAMA.Dictator oBAMA is the KINGPIN in this conspiracy to destroy ameriKa! and the world as we know it in  its useful unraped pristine shape as it was when European globalism took hold,
Happy Codependence day ameriKa, the Vassal of london, paris, rome and berlin
stay away from Trump assets??? this also will be the message
remember the US president runs US systems ie al-queda/IS/Daesh/Mujahideen and the CIA.
Donald Trump is the target of this dirty bomb that will be no dirty bomb, there will be a burning mushroom cloud of fury and unless someone is very lucky it going to happen.
stay away from NYC!!!
the russians are missing more than 50
and the americans never kept track! on purpose for this very day and beginning of the clear and obvious end of the ameriKa we once knew and loved, even if we knew it was lost with the assassination of George Washington innocently visiting the dentist to be bleed out as are amerKans today by EUROPEANISM
rlwallersteinIII july 4 2016 deutschland


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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