Anklagen & Entmachten Deutsche President Gauck und Canceler AmerKel jetzt!!! UNABHÄNGIGKEIT DEUTSCHLAND JETZT bitte!!!

German President Gauck must resign or be arrested for endorsing a neoHolocaust on We the People of Europe inciting the Elite to force Trans-Pacific & Trans-Atlantic slavery agreements to destroy our electoral voice, workers unions and human rights, “Hitleresk” what the Elites are up to !and have planned for We The People…And AmerKel in shackles for helping murder Christians in Syria(kept missiles on Syria/Turkish border to prevent Syria from defending from ISIL) and grooming and aiding in installing Bandara-Nazis in Ukraine committing ongoing neoHolocaust in East Ukraine against Ukrainian people…. Conspiracy between AmerKel and the Elite?
she is them! ….!!!so shall the people be still and cower in fear?
or let us overpower these fools with our purpose and what we must to defeat their inhumanity to be human again !
>>>> tied into this mess about human sacrifice and scarier things? Most definitely!!!
    Caliphate of Anti-Christ is lead by der Führer oBAMA, setting up IS with anti-aircraft SAM missiles from Benghazi give away 911 number infinity.
now IS has an airport to launch drone strikes onto Europe.
we should all be prepared with a IS & CIA plot to crash the lost Malaysian Air MH-370( ok thats not going to happen,mh-370 is found?), with it coming blaring down from the sky upon the Reichstag or …
what spectacular false flag op. it would be and send Germany reeling as the West would blame it on Russian terrorists or its government itself.
what’s coming down the pipe
an easy IS attack on Rome Paris London can also be covered and used as a pretext for unlimited war against Moscow.
with IS running loose in the Mid-East and Africa we can expect it to rise up in all lands now that the world is focused on it.
with USA and UK of Arabia all working to strengthen and protect IS there is no doubt that the war will extend itself in all fronts as the maximum divider and conquer are placed against all civilized rational people, made by the world elite, CFR-Bilderberg-TriLateral Co., to complement the UN-Agenda.21 and the New-World-Order.
historic Russian-Chinese-armada/base in Mediterranean-Sea to stand against the beast as it appears tied by NATO as Turkey, the Transylvanian “Red-Dragon” royal first family (of Wales) leading the world into the satanic descent and USk-Israel-IS, UK of Arabia (Saudi Arabia,Qatar,UAE,Kuwait,Yemen & Bahrain both under construction).
Soon hitlery clinton will come and take her throne and domain and woo to those that wont bow and give way easy as she will laugh as she kills in the most perverse and violent fashion,
she will ride the beast like no other, she is trained and practiced at riding this Babylon Beast and uses it to kill already, what must be avoided is her character being made the overlord A.I. controlling the beast which is the Babylon unnatural system.
the most cleansed of blood to satin white in blood will be splashed through the dark cloud of the bleeding moons cast into the past from where the tearing hole comes out of its cage and devours humanities numbers by almost 9 out of 10 or worse.
this is what we had been fighting down and off for many millennium since the fall of what appears to be an advanced Atlantis.
what we are dealing with is BAAL
wake up and save the innocent!!!
rlwallerstein 5312015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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