Yes, I’m sad to inform many of you about the extent of New World Order’s intolerance by their viable world-wide operation to delete the common humans life.
You will need to save as copies in paper and microfilm what’s important.
all electrical /electronic deceives will be rendered useless.
medical supplies wont be available
stores will be closed emptied and destroyed.
the police will be the main target of homicide.
the water, gas and electricity wont be delivered any longer or not available at all.
the nuclear power faculties world-wide will fail and meltdown.
after that most available food will be contaminated with radiation.
food wont be available or grow-able.
humans will begin to form into gangs to hunt and eat people.
government will be hiding under a rock or dead with police.
This is what Dictator oBAMA stands for and leaves in his wake of CHANGE you can believe in.
NOW AmerKel and her ilk follow suit and also attempt to delete Europeans existence.
they have destroyed the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Americas…
Now they go for broke! as they confront Europeans, Russians and Can-Americas-KiwiOz.
Prepare for breaking!
rlwallersteinIII 6292015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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