Let it be known I, aRLeon Wallerstein III, declare Intellectual War on Deutschland and Brussels(EU).

It is my right as a Sovereign Human to announce a direct threat to human Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness world-wide and Declare Intellectual War in defense therefore.

My War is a Intellectual War, My War is Humanities War, a Defensive War against those who would encroach upon the very foundations of human freedom to such a degree as to threaten war on nations states and people who simple yearn to be free.

The German Parliament Ministers have just prior to the BREXIT vote said that Germany would declare a economic war on Britain and confiscate its assets currently under Deutsche Banking control extending reciprocally into EU Banking.

That is a threat of War and therefore a ACT of WAR by Deutschalnd and Brussels(EU) against Britain.

the ramification felt in the EU, after the BREXIT was won in favor of the Independence of Britain, are that immediately a edict was given by Brussels(EU) to EU sub-Nations that their governments are now dissolved, their Militias are now disarmed and illegal, and that they must not attempt to vote out of the EU or they will be occupied by European Forces now operated by NATO, but soon to be replaced by a after Brexit order to make a single European Military.

as all of this is against the will and democratic values and voices of  Europeans voting by referendum as in France, Scotland, Greece, Spain and now Britain soon to be invalidated by EU-proxy Scotland???

And now 8 EU sub.Nations wish also to exit out of EU unelected control via Nazisk 1957 signing of Treaty of Rome By American/French/British illegal conspiratorial imposition of Bundestat Republik Deutschland representative, which as a Occupation-Government had no legal authority to sign away the Independence and Sovereignty of Deutschland.

So here i make my stand against a Orwellian 1984esk U.N.-Brave New World Order

please contact Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump upon my disappearance, imprisonment, untimely death or false-suicide, I am not ever attempting suicide!!! I have no life threatening health condition that i currently suffer aside from apartheid.

please research my work and translate it into your local language and spread it far and wide…

here is my consent and authorization for any human or sentient being to reproduce this blog in full or in parts , but not broken down to “one liners” reproduced that could give misrepresentation when removed from other contextual content. These copies and reproductions can be transmitted anywhere in the Cosmos.

Danke Schön,


aRLeon Wallerstein III; World Ambassador, Director of Operation Valkyrie II

6282016, Deutschland


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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