after TPP & TPIP whats next for Aldolf OBAMA Hitler: suspending the US Election with Martial Law scenarios he martinets with HEGELIAN finesse

the new chancellor this a alliance or a command structure disseminating orders from the British house of lords(queens)

the new chancellor Der Führer b oBAMA,ENGLISH-AMERICAN-SAUDI alliance, English-American Swastika flag 

Der Führer b.oBAMA goes far beyond being Bush III and;

As the highest representative of the Sovereign USA he bows before the House of Saud and sells them all the arms they desire who give them to rebel groups world-wide, Sells $11billion of American advanced Military hardware to the slave nation of Qatar who in turn arm rebels in Syria and Iraq, as well as far and wide across the middle east and the world, arms the rebels in Syria who are linked to IS(ISIL,ISIS),

Lets his cronies go out and openly support groups who eat human flesh of Christians and Muslims and crucify in unspeakable ways Christians and unwilling Muslims as did John-traitor-McCain last year when he visited Syria,

Supports and funds Ukrainian Nazi politicians and parliament and speaks of them as if they are a democratically elected group when in fact they are the organizers of a murderous Coup D’é·tat that installed themselves as a the junta of the land, and then allow anti-Neo-Kiev-Partisans to be burned alive in in large numbers in Odessa and Mariupol where Neo-Nazi-Ukrainians trapped scores of Ukrainian activist in government buildings and burned them alive and prevented their escape by shooting at them and coming inside and murdering them where they found them in various extremely grizzly ways,

Pushes for the use of military might thru NATO conflict in Ukraine to attack Russia for protecting the world with BRIC and Russian counter measures to western imperialism,

Relocated B-52 Nuclear Heavy Bombers to X-East Block NATO Nations to threaten and coerce Russia into not helping save the lives of all the thousands being murdered and millions displaced in Eastern Ukraine,

Threatens to make Thermonuclear war on Russia for his (Soros and US State Department) own aggression in Ukraine by sending 5 billion US dollars to cause a giant political rift in Ukraine and allowed and supported the raising of a Nazi-Junta in Neo-Kiev,

Freely uses the propaganda system of oligarchical American Hollywood to disseminate out his and the US governments propaganda and lies to fool the American and worlds people into unbelievable perils like continuing Afghanistan Iraq Syria, and his actual support of Islamic State Caliphate’s beheading and crucification of moderate and Shiite Muslims and Christians, the sale of their women as sex slaves and children forged into soldiers, and the Zionist Caliphate of Israel’s wholesale Genocide of Palestinians and overt support of IS,

Using drone aircraft in war theaters and secret private American wars conducted by the CIA in places such as Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Pakistan etc. including possibly over 100 countries where the us government and the CIA operate,

Disassembling the US Constitution in violation of the US Constitution and signing into law a myriad of unconstitutional edicts with his left hand as did Adolf Hitler, including allowing his personal judgement and interpretation of the NDAA2012sec.D(1021-1031) to be used in the determination if a American is a terrorist or supporter of terrorists or not and his right to then take that Americans citizenship away and cast them into a dungeon of unknown origin to be humiliated, tortured, and murdered, without anyone in the public having any knowledge or privilege to who they have, where they have them, and if they are charged with a crime, committed a crime, if they are alive any longer, or if they are suffering greatly with medical conditions created by torture where they require immediate medical attention The outrageous violations go on and on and are to lengthy to list or know due to the secret nature of the crimes, war crimes, and the unfolding conspiracy upon conspiracy.

rlwallersteinIII 9252014 one minute to midnight again!


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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