???!!! AmerKel is blackmailed to give up Bohnermann !? – Entmachten AmerKel and AmeriKa ras DEUTSCHLAND jetzt Bitte

!!! der Führer oBAMA und erdogan are one in the same head??? Revs…

!!!??? the best outcome would either be for Berlin to adopt Ankara’s attack on freespeech, freewill and sovereignty we defeated the Nazis for (HAHA!!!) to adopt Ankara’s stance on decent responded with HOLOCAUSTIC Terrorism,

and finally to adopt these policies into the European Union


have Ankara direct ISIE – (Islamic State in Europe) against Berlin, Deutschland and Europe

including Ankara directing its NUKE-tipped war machine on Deutschland for the

erodgen-dog-face-schül-buch and

Böhmemann’s state sanctioned comments ???

more likely to establish the Islamic caliphate =???= caöiphate of BAAL

???OR also includes bombing Berlin and the Reich Stag???????????????

!!!! Entmachten AmerKel and AmeriKa ras DEUTSCHLAND jetzt Bitte !!!!

sparen Europe, einsperren AmerKel und der Fuhrer oBAMA mit bushites und clintonites

so this is what shall be

der Führer oBAMAnation has the german-weapons-cache for ISIE updated and ready

Erdogan sends in the 6th column, 5th column is already in place 20yrs+

Amerkel cornered??? or is she just making herself into the victim to play out her part for the Zionist !!!???!!!

der Souverän aRLeon, Welt Botschafter, 4162016


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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