Impeach and imprison Chancellor Merkel for collaboration in the Kiev Coup d’etat of 2014, entmacht Chancellor Merkel for Ukrainian neoHolocaust

Yes!!! let Deutschland and the world arrest Deutsche Chancellor Merkel and put her on trial and logically in prison for inciting a neo-holocaust in Eurasia through her cooperation in installing, sustaining Neo-Nazis and nazis (direct via S.Bandera) in Kiev, Ukraine, aiding in organizing, logistics and financial arrangements and furthering the chances of WORLD WAR III breaking out over Crimea and other areas of the former soviet eastern block that the Russians may move into with referendums to avert the EU/USA/Israel and NATOs military advancements that must be understood as the follow up resource work to Merkels initiation of the Maidan Neo-Nazis, Nazis and the jail broken oligarch into dictatorial government that her coupled actions with V.Nuland of the USk State Dept with Billions of dollars and euros promised and delivered further inciting the usurpers with gifts of weapons of war. Merkel is in present and past conversation and collusion(militarization of eastern Europe) with the criminal and self proclaimed Nazi Tymoshenko, “nuke 8 million Russians in Ukrainians” , and her cohort Prime Minister via coup d’etat Yatsenyuk(zionist?jewish/nazi!banker), this is in direct violation to the directives, controls and laws of the Deutsche Constitution (founded in the Rules of Nurenburg and the Geneva Convention) that is buried under the illegal occupation of The Sovereign Deutschland by the Marshall Plan and the Bundestag Nationale Republik*GmBh/Corp. that the same bankers from that same plan from the same nations that built up Hitler, Deutschland and the Nazi war machine and there after conquered it, and reformed it into the point economic and military wing of the first fledgling Super-State of the New World Order, the European Union, are responsible for, which is in fact against the Deutscher Constitution and almost every constitution of every land, and lays the basis and legal requirement of the ending of the illegal Marshall Plan, breaking up the EU, returning the Power of Attorney to the Sovereign Deutschland and now putting Chancellor Merkel in ein Schwedisch Gardine (prison)

Yulia Tymoshenkodie Bose Hexe von der Nord,”Nuke 8 million Russians in Ukraine”, J.Tymoshenko



this photo is since the Merkel supported coup whch by use of violence freed, is Merkel still continuiing in her support of this inciter of neoholocaust



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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