Russia to convict Dictator oBAMA as war criminal in absentia = obama impeachment REPRINT 4/3/2014

Russia to convict Der Führer oBABA in absentia will instantly co-cause the impeachment of UN-pres.HUSSEIN oBAMA
he has shown his illegality that no moral court could ever dismiss or pardon
all humanity must focus on the deposing of Dictator obama, make trial against him, and in discovery phase of Dictator obama’s prosecution for international war crimes and conspiracy to murder and commit genocide and democide all those tied to his coordinated collaborated and cooperated action shall be indicted and prosecuted to the rule of common natural and moral law as we now it here on planet earth 2014.
Let court be in session quickly
Der Führer oBAMA must be jailed before he kills again.
oops, too late:
Many people must be dying world wide as i write this article due to the criminal actions that Dictator oBAMA and his peers and predecessors cause and have caused
let us jail them all in green prisons where they must build there own homes from nature and grow their own food, first community service they will perform is a world-wide gathering for destruction all the plants traced to GMOs.
When they are proven true after this slavery reversed against them they can begin to take part in their own recovery process as well as reintroduced into society through internet as productive members of the human race.
The ones that wont cooperate with this must be dealt with as they deem us necessary to extract them out of their drivers seats to destruction of others sovereignty livelihood and happiness, or life liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you wish, as i do.

wallerstein 4/3/2014

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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