let the Boycott and General Strike begin from land to land and sea to shining sea

Hopi Nation as successor of illegal occupation of North America by US Government.

Let us destroy the future of war and force the US Government through boycott and general strike to give up their illegal throne of power, that is the United States of America, which at the cost of the genocide of Native American Nations, Tribes and People and the wholesale theft of Native American lands is causing the whole of the world to be thrown into continuous unending wars that are eroding the very sovereignty that our forbearers worldwide paid for in blood as they attempted to secure their own tree of liberty.

when the Hopi Nation takes over the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of US government and begin their first act, signing a treaty on the dismemberment of the nuclear arsenal of the US of Sovereign Peoples and Nations.

what will the Chinese do, invade, with the world watching and claim it’s because the US Gov owned them some money.

the North American Union is 100% illegal

and denies the most basic human rights of human beings and tries to sell of their birth-rite of Turtle Island (North America) because of bad financial management of the land they stole with the act of genocide.

let the boycott and general strike begin from land to land and sea to shining sea

let not one war criminal go on his way as if they are free people

imprison all the bastards and bitches world-wide and give us today and everyday our daily bread.

rlwallersteinIII 10/29/13


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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