Definition of a Sovereign Human and Sovereign Land Rights

a sovereign human (or person) is defined as a human being that understands that they are governed over by natural universal cosmic forces and are in no way what so ever governed or ruled over by any human or artificial intelligence.

And furthermore, that the area of occupation around a sovereign human that is unused with no immediate written plan may become the temporary caretake-able land of that individual or group and therefore have pre-eminence of law over the existing titles there of.

When this land is legally owned by another sovereign human(s) or a sovereign state entity then a written plan for the future use of that land can be brought before a Sovereign/Independent Court and with undue prejudice it will be ruled if that said land owner has reasonable and viable green needs for that said land that outweighs the reasonable and viable green needs of the occupying sovereign human(s), but when that need is less than and secondary to the need of the sovereign person or group, then the land owner must compensate the sovereign person or group with a equivalently suitable replacement of caretake-able land or an agreed upon payment for the relocation of the sovereign human(s).

rl wallerstein , 4/14/13


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