US announces it is about to cut transatlantic communication

US Fears Russian Subs Near Undersea Cables May Cut Off Communications – Report USk military and intelligence officials are anxious about Russian submarines and spy ships operating around undersea global communications cables, The New York Times reported, adding that the main concern is Russia cutting the cables during conflict.

These Atlantic communication lines are conduits that direct and financially benefit al-CIAda and IS.
Naturally these communication and resource lines would be a target of Russia to isolate the terrorists, IS and all other terror groups attacking Syria
the Russian-Coalition has already started their operation and are fully head deep into it and they haven’t touched any communication system off anyone,(world-wide) except the al-CIAda and IS terror groups.
It is USk that threatens to restart a new censored Internet and to end the Internet altogether.
So when we here USk saying Russia has cut the Internet and communications lines in the Atlantic
We must understand its most likely USk that has done it to continue to hide its operation constructing and controlling their proxy armies (IS and al-CIAda) in the Mideast, and more that’s to be discovered by the New-World-Gran-Jury.

Russia knows USk actually has many other methods to communicate clandestinely and send finances, including dumping pallets loaded with cash as they did with about 6 billion dollars at the onset of the Iraq invasion or 2003.
we have to ask if that was the first financing to ISIL and the initiating act to form what has become the Caliphate of IS,

and that the only party to benefit by cutting these lines is the USk so they can keep Americans and any other peoples they have information power over in total darkness so their propaganda machines have no completion from possibly the actual truth.
and as another unAmeriKan arch enemy of humanity recently stated,

“We´re losing the information war”, Hitlery Hillary Clinton

Calm Down: Russian Subs Will ‘Definitely Not Damage’ Undersea Data Cables

rlwallerstein 10272015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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