“the google” attacked and blocked all my first 5 then 7 ‘BLOGSPOT’ access points to my exclusive literary political science journal BEAUTIFUL BLOODLESS REVOLUTION JOURNAL

the sites that had been censored are
sovereignty4al.blogspot.com , beautifulbloodlessrevolution.blogspot.com , 1beautifulbloodlessrevolution.blogspot.com , oaog.blogspot.com 1oaog.blogspot.com , bbr2015.blogspot.com 1bbr2015.blogspot.com , sovereignworldembassy.blogspot.com ,
These sites all made different querry results and directed more hits to my original non-spam expression. If “the google” is so powerful it does not need to fear the effect of my expression upon it, even if it means adjusting to the quantum field it has become part of.
rlwallerstein 7192015

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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