Independence Day is a thing of yesteryear, just a passing trend??? can AmeriKa be resuscitated

are we witnessing the next to last independence day in the USA?

undoubtedly with a commanding YES

the current dictator position just passed by congress to fast track trade deals made july 4 2014! our last official independence day under the Declaration of Independence that was signed into power on July 4, 1776 is now basically null and void, by the Ratification of the North American Union by Bush, Fox and Chretien in 2005 at Waco, Texas, USA and now the implementation of our co-dependence, by signing into law the TPTA putting ameriKans under the rule of corporations and no longer the rule of US Constitutional law.

We Americans and much of the world are now under a pseudo corporate dictatorship since the Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement can now be signed secretly without any of knowledge, and the TPTA is already alive as was Frankenstein and obama’scare. We are under it already as the Swiss FIFA arrests prove.

Now der Führer Hobamao can sign any trade document into law without anyones approval or vote, making him now a total totalitarian dictator over the lives of ameriKans as well as the worlds peoples where in the TPTA agreement that he has signed into law allows for corporations to rule over governments in their interests, that means in ameriKKKan interests and markets,  THAT MEANS THE WORLD MARKET that amerika has rigged and breaks when it attempts independence from the hegemony of the ameriKn Dollar, the Federal Reserve Bank and IMF that cause the majority of earths people to live as serfs while the elite technocrats and oligarchs live in the Elysium that we the people, design, build and pay for with our good honest work and blood.

Now the USk(the former usa, the “k”  denotes the collective nature of oligarchs crossed or inbreed with white supremacy.

notice: Dictator Hobamao descends from slave owners and oligarcs, aswell as Frank Marshall Davis, his father, the intelectual leader of the Weather-Underground terror organization of the anti-Vietnam day ran by the convicted terrorist bill ayers, from whose home der Führer Hobamao launched his political career.

aRLeon the Sovereign Wallerstein III July 4 2015


Margret Sanger, Adolf Hitlers hero, herself said Blacks should be employeed to push the agenda of white supremist neo-liberalism that is truely Nazism.

there is no happiness in this day


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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