world insolvency 2012 ; a how to guide to a steady state economy.(better to set sails than sink), reprint 2015

If all the nations of the world will go bankrupt now before the crash of a unforgiving tsunami of inflation we will be saved. Any moment with the ease of a environmental slip, a natural catastrophe, a war, a financial collapse, an unrelenting wall of debt will exponentially grow at such a rate that CIVIL PROTESTS will turn to CIVIL UNREST and CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE that without any food available at most levels and classes of society will lead to CIVIL WAR in many if not all nations.

If we think about this thoughtfully and wisely , it would be obvious that world insolvency would be a correct adjustment to avert such a catastrophe.

As well this would cause the Federal Reserve Banks and the International Monetary fund to also go bankrupt and close.

Steady State Economies will be the natural result, all wars would cease and people would go about living and being very careful with where and what they do with there energies.

No one would have their homes foreclosed on and go out in to the streets as a new class of homeless people, as well homeless people would have  an immediate recovery to one of the many land trusts that would be flowering in their nation.

So we would have to make organic permacultures and green up the planet to survive, but we wouldn’t have to kill and eat our neighbors.

so everyone who cares to not be a cannibal

PLEASE HELP MAKE THIS MESSAGE GO VIRAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

send to everyone you can. there is hope, its you, we are the hope together

the river writes

HOW TO : STEADY STATE ECONOMY                                             amended  May 6, 2011

Steady Economic System is one that has as its collateral for it  promisory notes(paper money, reserve notes) in that same value in gold and silver, where that economy is independent of lending practices. When a country goes insolvent or bankrupt it is possible that the wealthy people of that country give as a gift to their or another country their gold and silver to insure economic stability and national security of that nation. All former contracts and pending contracts are renegotiated. When many nations do this in unison it is possible to set all on a similiar gold and silver standard and that the cost of work and materials could be the same and universal allowing for more fair trade agreements between nations, as countries pick themselves up from there own bootstraps, it will be necesary for some wealthier nations to give what is necesary for the poorer ones to sustain themselves or we will again come to a point of starvation and or war, which is undesirable on all hands. Therefore, all places and people are freely given what they need until its possible for them to sustain themselves.

this is form of a world welfare system that allows countries to buld free from the exorborent interest rates that are making food unpurchasable to a large percentage of the population already, and is the root for the civil unrest in the world currently

world insolvency ends all war and brings the prosperity deprived by war back to the people and the earth.

aRLeon the Sovereign

has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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