US State Dept. Fast and Furious Operation gifts assault guns and weapons cache to Mexican gangs armed Islamic State in Mexico (ISIM)???

ISIM may have been the actual recipient of eric holders gift weapons cache to Mexican gangs.

since the Cartel beheading began in 2006 its possible Islamic State-alCIAda fighters had already infiltrated and set up camp in Mexico and were already infiltrating Mexican drug Cartels ??? and therefore in place to receive the blind weapons hand-off by Eric Holder, Not unlike all the weapons and aid drops to IS by the US Air Force, who never miss their target unless they mean to as “fire drill” or to pretend to make their self-made terror army weakened, so that rather than deter or destroy IS they are in fact empowering them.

der Führer obama is the acting director of all American Power by Constitutional law , even though he disrespects it, and is therefore in Command of IS-alCIAda (Al-Qaeda ) and there affiliates globally.

rlwallerstein 613201


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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