DICTATOR OBAMA attacks Syria, Ukraine, and FIFA??? it’s all over oil and natural gas to weaken Russian neo-holocaust patrotic position of Russians (PUTIN)

ameriKa (the former USA) is attacking ever interest of Russia attempting to force Russia’s hand into direct military confrontation with USk, while at the same time advancing NATO and the EU onto its doorstep while threatening through their proxies in Ukraine and ISIS (Israel Security&Intelligence Service) to open up combat on Russia’s western and southern fronts as well as a jihad uprising within the heart of Russia of serious hardened armored battle that could become hot at any moment with tactical nukes and even ICBMs could be employed to preemptively or retaliatory smash the hive of hostility in DC, Cheyenne Mt.-NORAD, Diego Garcia, Guam, Hawaii Ramstein etc… you can shot out of Russia but you can shot in, SA-300 and SA-400 rock! Both Russia and USk have autonomous cruise-drone EMP devices to attack enemy power grids and infrastructure. As well Russia, USk and China have star-wars devices and practice using them. China has a satellite outpost on the moon and ameriKa has already practiced bombing the moon

ameriKa proves to the world that it can still rendition anyone anywhere,even enemy combatant FIFA ministers, even in the forbidden Zone of excellent human rights right-wing political and military policied EU (Eugenics Union), made possible when your nations leaders are extorted and blackmailed by the goods(secret crimes) gathered against them by NSA full across the board information gathering and theft, and is using every bit of the data mined communications to set itself just another and another kilometer closer to launching a all-out pre-emptive first strike or counter retaliatory strike on Russian interests, Moscow, Russia and as always Crimia as Dictator obamao and the American Neo-Con war making blood and tomatoes heinz 57 kerry, hitlery hillary clinton and all the rest of the Ultra-Conservative Bilderberg-CFR-TriLateral Comm. Elite wish.

the Western World Leaders are premeditatedly throwing us into the radioactive stone age.

feeeewww , i thought for second they were sending us all back in time to the stone age,

least we are still going to be progressive, well at least in time movement, but we may not have anything to keep time with and our view of the stars may be hampered by dust, dust , lots of dust,

volcanoes to radiative particles and coal dust if you can find some to burn cause it will be cold,

nuclear winter cold, dont worry it wont last for too long, just a few thousand years.

ashes to ashes, dust to dust

our poor little world is going bust

look out!!! ameriKa throws a Hail Mary bombs to ISIS and attempts to juxtapose NFL superbowl foolsball football over the standard gladiator-sport Futball which is considerably more difficult to rig and easier than invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine, starting with D.U.(depleted uranium) Yugoslavia, etc…Arab-Spring = WikiLeaks = OBAMA leaks to topple weak Islamic Sovereign States, to invade and play shot over (business contracts and favors). this is a good way to hurt Russia again and again too, plus the world could even get dumber than dumb with ameriKan foolsball football to keep the world busy while it opens up its ‘Gulf of Eden (Aden) Incident’ to throw us into the worldwide Vietnam type war, where USk attacks everything that moves on, under and over the earth, till all is safe, peaceful and nonthreatening, Dictator obamao and USk are actively searching out ways to discriminate against whites, Christians, Catholics, and moderate Muslims and also is actively using proxy armies to destroy thier lives with war and genocide wherever its possible. Dictator obamao and soon to be “HARLOT THAT RIDES THE BEAST”???Dictatoress hitlery hillary clinton ,if she’s not already mounted, will not back off or down as they appear to be demoniacally possessed by absolute power that is absolutely corrupt, they are trying to destroy the total heritage of the middle east and the Semitic peoples that is called for by m.blavatsky and a.crowley, and then stand atop it as god incarnate??? as the replacement theory converges with the 3rd temple. didn’t the oh so pious Jesuit Pope just get a new seat in Jerusalem, King David’s. Were not so far off or confused, just a few more deaths and we will know just who is who. 1967 + (7×7) = 2016 ???

were not in Kansas anymore!

dont cry world , learn how to throw a Hail Mary bomb, literally unfortunately

long live George Washington

depose Dictator obamao, King netanYahoo, Dicktor aMERKEL supporter of Ukrainian junta-parliament, camerooooon the latest vote rigger, and the rest of the leaders of the western axis of propaganda and evil technocracy

general strike, stop TPP , make what you need as simple as possible

stay at home, don’t make visual public protests

let your lack of work (general-strike) and world´wide solidarity be the destabilizing factor of

Technocratic Corporatocracy which is driving us into robotic submission, A.I. and mass Genocide.

love is the answer to all problems

if they cant stand down to that offering

then we must cut them down to save our babies and their innocent ones

stand back as evil spontaneously combusts, stand-back very far actually

it may not be enough to hide in your homes, maybe its time to pack your bug-out.bag, some seeds and your survival skills and family and trusted friends to the wilderness far away from large amount of us, yes us, we are our own worst enemy as consumers!!!

what their are no more wilderness areas in the west

they are all in Russia haha                                 aloha and sorry, love robi

PS…world leaders will not have a safe place to hide anywhere

as Stephen Hawking would say ….BETTER NOT TO PLAY

for those who think God birthed the world



for wise creationist and pagans



im worshipping my Mother Creation at the Tree of Liberty

please join me and with cooperation and hard work and some cuts and bruises we can fix humanity and the earth and make a plan to seed the stars green

just love

be strong, LOVE, that’s all there really is and its where all we have comes from



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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