official date of Armageddon is moved forward due to the loss of The Information War by the Western axis of propaganda

Russian and Chinese armada move into Mediterranean Sea for local base for Armageddon and prepare to root out ww3 by PRE-EMPTIVELY FINISHING IT (???) before the Western Nazis can kill everyone and install robots in their place to serve the Bilderberg elite and their evil brood.

Oops the Chinese are already doing the robot replacement act. V.Putin must watch-out they don’t replace him with a Borg A.I. Taskmaster with Putin genetics, since his face has become the most convincing humane face of humanity.

We are damned into the worst CATCH 22 ever imaginable, as implied; G.Washington’s idea of neutrality was based in part on the complete inability of the U.S. to back up its foreign policy, whereas Putin is relying on the Chinese, he may end up as the progenitor of the Borg by shear necessity if he gets hit or killed, to save his famous humanly patriotic face and being and its natural power over us (humans). But even in that case he did not say in his address that we should forever stay away from any foreign involvement, but he had no threat against him to be captured and turned into their main propaganda bullhorn as Washington D.C. would like it. It must be understood that the CIA is embedded into Red China as they installed Mao and made the country as it is today. THIS IS A CLEAR WARNING TO VLADIMIR PUTIN FROM THE GRAVE OF GEORGE WASHINGTON and a true believer in the Inalienable Sovereign Rights of Humans and Sentient Beings.

Beware of the The Borg and the’ Russia 2045′ plan of the UN where the good Russian name (who defeated the Nazis sacrificing more than 9 million soldiers and more than twice as many citizens) is being used to actually promote Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the Borg future of humans planned by our overlord Lord Rothchild, including the phasing out and destruction of the natural human genome.

The Rothchilds and their cohorts are forcing us, thru unending war and threats of genocide and extinction, to develop hi-technology, bio-technology, their space ships and off-world colonization plans and projects that take them into the stars far away from the rubble of earth that they create and force upon us as their Elysium gains status, strength, mass, and acceleration away from Earth nature and humanism into the Borg.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.

better to smoke “die KIND” and use it for everything that oil is used for

Hemp for Victory and peace if that is your reason for being victorious

aRLeon the Sovereign Wallerstein 5212015


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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