DARPA (skynet from Terminator movie) is controlled by Dictator b Hussein obama (whats his real name?)

yeswecanwhen the drones are released world wide they(the people who run agenda 21 at the UN, NATO, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, World Monetary Fund, USA, UK, EU, etc…)  already have plausible deny-ability (software failure) built into their system of termination via (artificial intelligence) A.I.drone warriors and war-ships(vehicles) wiping out almost 13 out of 14 people which is the plan of the Queen of England X 2 since her wonderful vision of holocaust only reduces the population down to about 1 billion being 1 out of every 7 people.

war-statue-of-liberty-350while the Georgia-Guide-Stones call for the population to be culled to 500 million and kept there. that’s 13 out of 14. these people creating this should be put in green prisons or be publicly executed for the kind of holocaust their plans,bankrolled are causing already and will cause in the future, the deaths can already be estimated, if not counted in some regions  and type of deaths. wondering why your friends, family, neighbours and everyone you know is acting weird. we are all beginning to understanding we are going to have to prey on each other for what we need and maybe even for food (human flesh). the founders and installers of the Georgia Guide Stones must be put on trial for inciting a World-Wide-Holocaust, and the Georgia Guide Stones destroyed.

and then they came for me
and then they came for me

with obama and the to be King of England,William, observing the Muslim faith,be not surprised by a world imposition by the new world order (government) of something similar to Sharia law. With all the data gathered by the NSA as the basis of a social/criminal winnowing that is sure to ensue, as always a corrupt body uses what it can to gain more power and influence, while forcing those that it dominates to have less until it can overcome them and steal all their life force whenever possible, as would a ruthless cold hearted beast. so you can see now why obama and his minions have death panels also written into the new USk’s health insurance scam (obamaScare )that will put most Americans on their knees in submission, some for their very lives.as well obama signs(with his left-hand) every order to kill someone and other innocents with a drone strike as well as send thousands of

the english-american swastika flag
the english-american swastika flag

us military and opposing militias into death-defying harms way, moreover he controls DARPA and has begun the American Drone Surveillance programs and is making way with the sending about 30,000 drones up into America’s skies to be used against American citizens, furthermore he has allowed (and possibly to his order?) are developing ‘AI'(artificial intelligence) UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) that will possible one day hunt down innocent people this war criminal points his finger at and claims they are the boogie man, that is evil dictatorial power, this is the true forming Armageddon hidden in plain view the whole time beginning with the use of depleted uranium in Yugoslavia then Afghanistan then Iraq then Libya then Syria and with Fukushima making a death blow on the oceans, all of them!

Now the beginning of the end starts—– Syrian style conflict will breakout in America, 37 Islamic terror training camps are their (inside USk borders) waiting to unleash their fury, obama has been actively moving around nukes in the USk illegally and has fired in the USk militaries everyone that thinks with reason and logic, and is actively persecuting Christians in the USk Military. wake up and make full across the board general strike. their is no option as time will tell when the people wont go against then they will go with as the Germans did under Hitler, as it already is!!!

soon this message and all of my messages to humanity will be censored and unavailable for your viewing pleasure, so please download this material and spread it far and wide.a great slaughter is about to begin, the like has never been visited to our human history except what we know of the flood, but this will be no flood, this will be human against human everywhere, for what? for the very meat that one wears on their bones. it will be Democide, beware the marrow suckers. for truly we already are in a new world technocratic order and the one world government has turned the peoples against themselves and the holocaust of untold proportions has begun already. its in the Vaccines(cancer,heavy metals,viruses,bacterias,autism, polio-Bill Gates India-Africa!!!) its in the Air(chem-trails,Fukushima,dirty-coal burning,nuclear power,oil/plastic burning.etc…) its in the Food (GMOs,pesticides,fungicides,herbicides, chemicals,heavy-metals,toxic/aggression causing-adrenaline and hormones from meat) and of course the Water (1st and foremost Fukushima fallout world-wide especially in the northern hemisphere,chlorine(causes heart-attacks etc)fluoride!!!causes diminished brain activity and ability,toxic agent used by Nazis to brainwash people, heavy-metals, hormones, from recovered waste water being put back in our aquifers and reservoirs,radioactive waste!!!!, our homes,offices, schools, buildings in general are built with formaldehyde and other toxic agents including in concrete often is sludge when you are poor like in Gaza, who thinks up this kind of disease, Nazis!!!! etc…. stupid totalitarian minded control freaks that hate life and their own mother and children no doubt, the disgusting list goes on unfortunately

what a horrible earth we tolerate.

no more!!!!!no more!!!!!! no more!!!!!    aRLeon the Sovereign wallerstein 11/29/13



has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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