‘Bloggers’ Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing


expect drone (UAV) strikes in the European and American war on terror theatre, people who speak and export the truth are now the targets of die Führer b.Hussein obamaø, the UN-president of Amerika, you may know some of these people, they will be infected with truth and are like a open sores to the secret societies of death and disease ( Illuminati-CFR, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberger group,etc…) that run the world thru banking enterprises, the U.N., NATO and via their illegitimate and corrupt edifices of government and royal dominion.the truth sayers tearing wounds to the new world order will include such fascinations of a new world body that guarantees sovereign rights for all humans and supports the rights they guarantee.The Hopi Nation has proven over time to uphold human rights and have the most peaceful resolve for all that comes before and upon them, including their own internal conflicts and rebellions.Hopiland as the new capitol of the new Sovereign States of America. Hopiland should also encircle Cheyenne Mt. in Colorado and take over the control of NORAD hat is the Nuclear Reservation of American nuclear missiles as the first step of a true nuclear disarmament plan and program that could be respected by all signatories and sovereigns signed onto the Nuclear non-proliferation, where all the current nuclear missiles will be reconstructed as a defence system for wayward asteroids? if this is even applicable or the total abolition of nuclear explosive devises and with the advent of free ambient electrical collection and other free energy developments including running the already existing and dominate internal combustion engine to run on hydrogen taken from water, yes H2O. Our re-sized Green-Tech World we have already in the making where less energy consumption is the norm and will alleviate the problem that some think getting rid of large swathes of population will bring, but that is actually the opposite, what most often happens before, during, and after population reduction is environment destroying war. The environment is the earth that is our home.The Plausible Deny-ability tied to the relationship of the one who gives a secret order to kill a individual or group via drone strike, whether that drone be a UAV(in the sky) UGV(on the land)UWV(on or in the water), insect, animal or humanoid or whether or not that drone is a A.I.program running on autonomous authority given by that secret command can simply be said to be a corruption in the program(software failure) that functions these drones, potentially creating situation where the controllers of drones have no responsibility of their actions as is already the situation. Since their programs are secret, the divulging of such proving information is also unavailable and most commonly not recorded or ever available due to their nations classified(secret) status that they are
created under.dessin-obama-droneso what this means is that Michael Hastings may have been murdered with a drone strike!!!                                                                rlwIII 12012013

who pays when the news is bought and paid for by despotic governments and corporations      When the world’s news medias are taking secret payments or bribes from nations governments and or corporations to create biased news
stories and or lies,then surely the people and environment will pay the cost,and those who dare to speak the truth must risk their lives to do so,     29th of september 2012,aRLeon the Sovereign


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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