resist THE DICTATOR OBAMA make sanctioned general strike across all infrastructure support networks of alUSAda

resist THE DICTATOR OBAMA’s dictatorial grab of our life liberty and pursuit of happiness worldwide

stay at home don’t go to work, prepare in advance with water food and what protection you can afford by your means and legitimate standard of common/natural law that supersedes with exact moral calibration that of most commonly corrupt representative law.

with these standards make our stand for humanity

stay at home!

don’t make visible demonstrations that allow agent prevaricators to make false flag ops on your demo or protest and make it appear violent.

Let your lack of workforce power be the debilitator to the oppressive ends the executive,administrative and legislative branches of the US Gov. has pressed down on the backs of the American people.

make general strike on and against  all nations and people that also take part and collude in this escapade of the new world order at the helm of USk(the former USA) to erode and devour all nations sovereignty with already 73? countries with conflicts in which the USk and its agents are in involved.

World War 3 isnt about to happen, its well underway, with the USk and its allies as the aggressors and deliberate treaty and morality breakers, premeditatedly murdering million upon millions worldwide.

And now the wilful and premeditated attack on its own people as the USk falls into inevitable civil war and chaos as obamao


unleashes on top of it all the UN gun treaty to invade the American lands and people with the illegal unconstitutional UN treaty that will enforce through military conquest force the loss of the Bill of Rights and the complete abolition of the precious US Constitution.

so resist and stop going to work!!! now!!!

the racist bastard obamao


cant come in to every house and take away the people for not going to work

don’t make visible demonstrations

give no reason for them disturbing your sickness away from work

its just a psychosomatic illness we have

use it legally and dont go to work because you cant do immoral work as it makes you ill via psychosomatic methods causing x, y and z

save america and the world

stay home general strike hooray!!!

spread this message

general strike hooray!!!


october 16,2013


has the cat got your tongue and given you toxoplasmosis

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